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 Evangeline Sjöberg (Templar)

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PostSubject: Evangeline Sjöberg (Templar)   Mon Jan 26, 2015 1:25 pm

Name: Evangeline Sjöberg

Age: 19

Affiliation: Templar

Appearance: Born into a family of northern European roots, once would expect to see a young girl with either light brown or white hair and lighter eyes. With Evangeline, however, the things turned out a bit more different. She stands 5ft and 4 inches tall (167 cm) and her hair is pitch black and wavy. Her eyes, framed with dark lashes, are the same color as her hair and it is hard to see through them. It can also be said that she is a “modern day” Snowwhite as her skin is almost milky white and it does not tan regardless of the time she spends out in the sun.
There are several clothing/attires one could see Evangeline wearing.
Dresses and beautiful jewelry are worn by her when she is attending a social gathering or she has to represent her family in one way or another. Usually her dark hair is hanging loosely on her back and shoulders and it is adorned by many beautiful and colorful shells or some gems. This is also the only time she can be seen wearing any sorts of cosmetics.
The second choice of attire would be when she is sent on a mission by the Templar Order. This is when she shows very little of her true gender and identity. Her hair is hidden under the hat or tied up so that it would not disturb her anyhow, and her breasts are concealed well so that from afar she might actually remind a young man.

Personality: Evangeline is loyal to her cause. She believes that only the Templar Order can bring real order and control to the world. Even if not now, not when she is alive, she has hopes that the organization will prevail.
What strangers might notice about her first is that the young woman is very punctual. If the meeting is told to start at seven o'clock, she will be there half an hour, or even an hour, earlier to make sure everything is set and prepared.
As she was taught under a strict hand of her father, Evangeline is quite serious when it comes to business. She is used to get what she wants and therefore does what ever it takes to achieve the goal, regardless of the consequences. This might create an illusion that not only is the young Templar cruel, ruthless and cold, but at times stubborn and impossible to deal with.
She is not shy when around strangers, but she is not exactly social either. Although Evangeline loves to meet new people and to talk with them, it also takes time for her to warm up towards them. What irritates her the most is when she is not capable of reading a person and due to that she might end up being clingy towards some just to get more information from them. Most of the time she treats situations like this as a game and she is greatly fond of such things.
Around her friends and family she is a completely different person, however. Evangeline is loving, caring and also quite loyal. If there is anything she can do for her parents and brothers and sisters, she will not hesitate to do as she is asked.
Evangeline can be quite blunt, she hates sugarcoating and doesn't do so herself either. She can be quite lying and deceiving, although this happens quite rarely – she prefers honesty.

Favorite Weapons: wrist blades, hidden blades, pistols, rapier and a scimitar

Strengths: understands politics (isn't interested in them though); very good at hand-to-hand combat; shooting; fencing; can easily outrun most of the people; tactical; can adapt to different situations

Weaknesses: heights (if someone would ask her to climb a tree, she would probably look at him as if he was insane); sea (although she likes to look at it, she doesn't feel comfortable sailing – makes her feel nauseous); can be quite arrogant at times; doesn't understand many puns and jokes. She takes things quite seriously and she might not get many gestures/hints so it is best to say things as they are or directly to her; hygiene – Evangeline loves when places are clean and neat and when a person smells good (she carries extra soap and a perfume with her at all times). When a place is dirty, she will make her distaste very clear and she might even start cleaning the place herself; if a person smells bad, people should not act surprised if she would approach him/her with a bucket of water and a soap and go as far as to wash the person herself.

Background/Biography: (Prepare for a very long text)
Evangeline mother comes from a family that has been living in Iceland for generations. Only after her grandfather (Bekan) moved to the Caribbean in order to start anew (he was disowned by the family; he never spoke much of his family after the incident and when mentioned, he refused to talk about the incident). Fortune favored Bekan, however, and soon after arriving to the Caribbean, he became a sailor. Five years later he met a young woman – Christine – a girl (by the time 16 years old) coming from the British Isles and who lived with her father who was a member of the Templar Order – with whom he eventually got married and they raised two boys (one girl, Alma, died one year after her birth). To spend more time with his family, Bekan decided to become a merchant himself and thanks to his connection to the former friends, he managed to get a solid ground under his feet (he trades weapons and clothing).
Both boys inherited Bekan's light hair and blue eyes (only Alma had taken after Christine as she was born with light brown hair that had a red shade in them).
Edgar, the eldest of the sons, was supposed to inherit Bekan's merchant business, but unfortunately he died at the age of 17 – he was on his way to Britain with his grandfather when the storm struck, wrecking the ship and leaving no survivors. Thus the business was now on Gabriel's name who had never expressed interest in the whole business. Instead he had always dreamed of freedom and becoming a pirate, but as Christine and Bekan insisted, he started studying and at the age of twenty one his father finally retired, leaving everything to Gabriel. Although the young man was never fully put his heart into business, it started blooming even more couple of months later. This led him to many different gatherings where he met a woman of American origin – Susan, another child of a Templar. Although she was well mannered and educated, she was not married and neither did she have any children at that time (which many looked oddly upon), but Gabriel felt an immediate connection to her and soon the two got married.
Evangeline was the last child to be born to the Sjöberg family. Prior to her birth, she already had two sisters – Samara and Katarina and one brother Samson, all of which had inherited the trademark genes in the family: blonde hair and blue/grayish eyes, and it was quite a surprise to see a girl whose hair was as dark as night and skin as pale as the moon, but she was never seen as an error. Instead Susan encouraged her to feel good about her looks that were quite exotic in their family.
Due to them all being strongly influenced by the Templar Order, it was only natural that the children were all taught about their ideals. All girls were educated at home and although Susan was against it, Gabriel insisted on his children knowing how to defend themselves so that if their mortal enemies would come their way, the Sjöbergs would know how to fight, defend and kill (he himself was not a member of the Order, but he provided them with some weapons and worked with the members from time to time).
By the time Evangeline was fifteen and all her older siblings married, she also joined the Templar Order, filled with hope and belief that only they can change the world for the better and during the years her opinions have not changed.
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PostSubject: Re: Evangeline Sjöberg (Templar)   Wed Jan 28, 2015 7:04 am

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PostSubject: Re: Evangeline Sjöberg (Templar)   Wed Jan 28, 2015 6:28 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Evangeline Sjöberg (Templar)   

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Evangeline Sjöberg (Templar)
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