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 Aaron Wake [Templar] - The Raven.

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Lana Wake
Lana Wake

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PostSubject: Aaron Wake [Templar] - The Raven.   Thu Jan 22, 2015 8:53 pm

Name: Aaron Wake
Nickname: Corvus - The Raven.

Age: 42

Affiliation: Templar


Image source:
Having one eye blue and the other brown, almost never seen by the public, he wears a very long pitch black coat with a leather hooded robe under that. His figure is rather average and has a full grown black beard along with rather neat black hair.

Personality: Aaron is a rather deceiving and misleading figure. To understand his personality, he'd see you as a threat. He isn't a man whom has friends- only people who do not wish to murder him. His goals and personal tastes he rarely tells anyone.
The moment you become relaxed around him- he'd strike you with a question or statement that is like a nail on the back of your head ready to be hammered in.
Rather direct in social interactions, he prefers thinking over words- then using his mind to dictate his...and others, actions.
He likes tea.

Favorite Weapons: Hook Blade.


Strengths: Aaron is incredible in two aspects of physical activity's. He is amazing at being stealthy. You'll never know where Aaron is- even on the most clearest of days or the busiest of crowds, never will you be able to find the seeming invisible Templar. His other good physical trait is freerunning- mastered from a young age and had done his fair share of laywork (both murdering and courier business), it was a necessary skill he needed from early years of being in the Templar Order.
As for mentally- Aaron is a genius. No one can quite see through his thoughtful gaze, but within his mind, explosions of incredible thoughts, plots and ideas occur. His mind allows him to walk through his line of work and already knowing where pieces are placed before they are even in the game.

Weaknesses: Perhaps the most cruel of weaknesses- He is not correct in personal mind. As a result of lacking social connections outside (and even within at times) the Templar Order, Aaron does not have a stable mentality. Hiding this well, it doesn't change the fact he dreams of becoming a Mortal God.
Aside from this, he also has a killing mindset- anyone whom gets in the way of his plans, he simply kills. Anyone he see's might be a threat to his plans, he will kill. Anyone whom even comes close to becoming what he considers a threat, dies. This weakness causes him to have a rather bad reputation in morals from the Templar Order, however, he will always get jobs done.
Physically, also, his eyes, over time, are decaying in sight. Sometimes he will get a migraine and his vision goes fuzzy, being unable to see until his mind returns to normal.
Also: Aaron has no training in the use of melee weapons- not being able to use swords of battle-axes, however, having quite some training (not the best) with the Hook Blade from abroad.

Background/Biography: [Unknown]

-This person is Lana Wake's descendant. She can view what this character will do / has done via the Animus-

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Lana Wake
Lana Wake

Posts : 71
Join date : 2014-12-25
Age : 20
Location : Swindon, Wiltshire, England

PostSubject: Re: Aaron Wake [Templar] - The Raven.   Sat Jan 24, 2015 12:19 am

+Added new theme
+Minor edits in wordings
+Added voice
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Aaron Wake [Templar] - The Raven.
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