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 The Templar raid on Fort águila

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PostSubject: The Templar raid on Fort águila   Sat Jan 23, 2016 1:26 am

[OOC: This is linked to my contracts post. Information on the mission can be found in here Information of my character can be found here'm nervous, this is my first rp post on this site. Please give me feedback on this, I'm not a good writer. ]

The seas east of Havana were calm in the evening. Capitain Jean was drumming his fingers on the wheel of the anchored Endurance, the evening glow shining off of the blue-streaked hull. He didn't have much of a good sleep. He thought about all the scenarios that could happen. He was disheveled, his thoughtful, brooding face was known to his own men. It meant that he shouldn't be disturbed unless it was an important matter. One of his main concerns was the mortars firing at the slow-moving man-of-war.

"Capitain! There's a ship ahoy." The young, Basque lookout shouted down below from his crow's nest.

Jean blinked and looked around his surroundings, snapping back to reality. He craned his neck above. "Aye, thanks. Keep looking." He shouted back with an English/French accent. He donned his gold-trimmed tricone that bore a Templar patch he rested on one peg of his wheel, straightening it. "Fetch my spyglass from my cabin. And be sure to have the reales at hand." He told his first mate, giving him a pat on the back as he left.

he strolled to the stern deck, observing along the way his men scrubbing the deck down below and fixing the rigging high above. He straightened his blue overcoat, waiting for his spyglass. It was promptly given to him by his first mate. He expanded it and looked through it, noticing the vessel headed to the Endurance.
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PostSubject: Re: The Templar raid on Fort águila   Sat Jan 23, 2016 1:44 am

((Alright, seems nice. Here's link to my two Characters, Damian - , and Jonathon - . Cant wait to see how this turns out.))

Damian walked about the fort, side-by-side with his brother Jonathon. Together, they seemed at normal height, Jonathon just a mere inch taller. However, in reality, they were much taller than the average person - though no Assassin at the fort stared, for they already had a good enough reputation. Damian merely looked over to his brother and said, "Y'know - been a while since we seen 'Liz. Wonder how she's doin' - likely fine, but still. Been away for so long, feels like ages since we last been home. And I mean Inagua, not Scotland.". Jonathon merely chuckled, and said, "Pfft, been nearly 10 years since I've been in that craphole. Don' even call it home anymore. Say, you reckon anything can get past this place?", he added, looking over at the walls. Damian merely chuckled, and said, "Nah. Hear tha' fire? Tha's the fort fighting off a Man'O'War. An' you see any cannonballs hittin' us or this place on fire, or dead men? Yeah. Damn near impregnable, but still - always the offhand too many come here at once. Could wipe this place ou'. But 'ey - who the bloody hell cares?", and, finishing his sentence, gulped a great amount of the whiskey that was in his hands. He looked near the docks - his ship, The Maybelle, was fortunately still there and not totaled.
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The Templar raid on Fort águila
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