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 Jack "Joker" Napier

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PostSubject: Jack "Joker" Napier   Thu Oct 29, 2015 2:40 am

Jack "Joker" Napier


Free agent


Jack is a lone wolf. He hates people, especially bullies. He has major trust issues due to his history. Jack is highly intelligent, insane, violent, charismatic, and he can talk the hind leg off a donkey. He is a bit of a prankster, and one hell of a Joker. A major tech junkie.

Favorite Weapons:
* Sniper rifle
* Butterfly knife
* Crowbar
* Chemicals
* Various inventions

* Very intelligent, he's both street smart, and book smart.
* Due to his appearance, people tend to underestimate him.
* He is extremely good with with his hands, and can build almost anything.

* Jack is emotionally unstable, and insane.
* He has various medical conditions as a result of chemical exposure.

Jack was separated from his twin sister, Ember Shay, at birth. He was raised by a high ranking Templar family, and he was none the wiser. Jack lead a life of crime. When he was fourteen, he started to work for a well known crime family. A year later, a hit was put out on him. The hit took place at a chemical factory. The chemicals granted him his current appearance. Jack went on to form his own gang. At sixteen, he was captured, and admitted to Bethlem Royal Hospital for the mentally ill. He heard rumours that he had a relative at the very same asylum. He eventually found out that his real father was the Grand Master of the British rite, and his sister was a Master Assassin. He has been searching for his sister, Ember Shay, ever since.

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Jack "Joker" Napier
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