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 Calum Butcher

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PostSubject: Calum Butcher   Tue Sep 15, 2015 8:56 pm

Name:Calum 'Gandalf The Both' Butcher


Affiliation: Assassin

Appearance: (These pictures are from Imgur, from the User Cohacq, the inspiration for this character. Due to their sheer size it is a link.)
At the height of 6'1, this Butcher is one of the shorter of his family, mainly due to how his father married a woman of quite short height.
EDIT2:After a explosion in a hotel room, a primary number of Calum's limbs were replaced with quite advanced tech. This includes both legs, his left arm, and half of his right arm.
EDIT3:He has taken up being clean shaven, and has updated his cybernetics to be thinner and slightly glow at spots due to their fire capabilities.

Personality: Quite light-hearted, Calum is known by those closer to him for being kind to those who are somehow less fortunate than him, as well as being ruthless in a battle. Quite serious at tomes

Favorite Weapons: His fists, a hidden blade, and the fire he can generate from his cybernetics.

Strengths: Having trained in Ninjutsu for nearly as long as he had been an Assassin, this Butcher's strengths lie very heavily in Stealth, Camouflage, and Sabotage. Having trained for nearly fifteen years, there are not many who are better than him at combat. Known for also being very resourceful during combat, Calum has used a many number of things, varying from Creaky floorboards all the way to structural weaknesses. He has also been known in a couple situations to dress as a old man, and even tail targets that way, in a supposedly weaker appearance, topped off with a cane and even light limp. Lastly, his cybernetics can generate enough heat to either be unbearable or generate fire in his palms.

Weaknesses: Being born with Waardenburg Syndrome, he was not only born with sweet looking hair and eyes, but he was also born with slight deafness in his left ear, making him more less likely to be successful when it comes to tailing missions, even though he has a perfect disguise. He was also victim to a fatal mistake when he was being watched by his Grandmother, a very irresponsible woman, who was the living form of the word irresponsible. She left a ball of liquid mercury around, inside of a simple jar. Being young at the time, Calum opened the jar, scooping the ball out. He noticed it dripping through his oddly still dry hands, thinking he was a wizard. One thing happened after another, and he suffered Mercury poisoning thanks to the fumes in the air from the liquid Mercury, which gives him episodes that blinds him in either one or both eyes, which expand his pupil greatly, which blinds said eye. If he uses his cybernetic's fire too frequently, it will essentially 'drain' them, rendering his arms useless.

Background/Biography: Born on November 17th, Calum was raised in a 'normal' family environment, if you count your mother dying in a mysterious car accident, and your father later going to the store for groceries, only to not return for days.

His mother died when he was only eight years old, leaving quite a devastating impact on him at the time. During the time, he suffered from a brief period of depression, which only made his episodes of blindness even worse, which led him to believe he was useless if he could not hear perfectly most of the time and not even see some times. Only by the age of ten was he convinced that the brief bouts if blindness made him look crazy, which led to a good amount of pranks of freaking people out, as he constantly yelled about either Incoming aliens or the dead rising from their graves, as he claimed he was from the future.

Only by the age of Fifteen did the fun end.  His father claimed to head off to get groceries from the store, leaving a note that contained his number for him to call if anything arisen. After five hours, Calum called, receiving a immediate voice saying that the number has either been disconnected or is being unused. Calling again, carefully typing in each and every number, he received the same message. Realizing the worst, for his father had paid the phone bill four days ago, he quickly took to the streets, taking what he needed. In two years, at the age of seventeen, a man found him, claiming he knew his father. He took him to a hidden place, a place he soon would call home. The man told him of many things. Assassins. Templars. And even people, some his ancestors. A man named Altiar, another named Ezio, and some even his ancestors, such as a man named Damian Butcher, as well as another named Jonathan Butcher, yet the second was said with hate, unlike the first. In fifteen years, he became the man he is now, a man that many would gladly call a Butcher.

EDIT:(Forgot to include) After finding out of his true ancestry as he joined the Assassins, he changed his last name to Butcher, to continue the line. His first last name was Haskins.

EDIT3: In more recent times, Calum was briefly associated with the Arkham Family yet soon after cut ties. He has also reconciled with his slightly estranged brother, also meeting his now current lover, Katherine Wuulf.

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PostSubject: Re: Calum Butcher   Wed Sep 16, 2015 10:18 am


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Calum Butcher
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