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 Michael "Big" Butcher (Updated)

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PostSubject: Michael "Big" Butcher (Updated)   Mon Dec 29, 2014 1:23 pm

Name:Michael "Big" Butcher

Age:30 (as of June 2017)


Appearance:At the height of 6"8, Michael wears size 15 work boots, along with dark, baggy jeans, and a thick dark gray coat. Underneath, a classy white button-up shirt. His beard goes just past his chin, and his hair a good deal down to his neck as if he hasn't been bothered to cut it. It also seems he hasn't been bothered with combing it.

Personality:Michael is seemingly mildy insane. He mutters to himself at times, and gets startled at random moments, even mid-conversation.

Favorite Weapons:When it comes to common use, he normally uses his Overall brute strength, but if he needs a tool of some sort, he typically uses a sizable tactical survival knife he hides in his coat pocket, but he is equipped with a gun that he favors yet doesn't commonly use due to the noise.

Strengths: His height has always been a huge advantage, for it has given him a intimidating look as always, and his Brute strength has always helped in sticky situations, like lifting a Car to work under it, or a piece of an Animus. But most importantly, to him, he favors his knowledge of Machine Parts and how they work, and how easily he can seem to repair them.

Weaknesses: His height, as well has a strength, is also a Weakness. Whenever he had to crawl in small spaces to access a broken air vent, he always was stuck, and they had to send in other people to do it for him just for that. He also is pretty anti-social, for he spends so much time with machines, he "Does not work well with other people well", which is what he said to somebody who asked him why he wasn't social, before punching him in the stomach.

Background/Biography:Michael "Big" Butcher was born and raised in the west side of Louisville, a particularly notorious side of the city of Louisville, and he had kept a interest in machines ever since he was six years old. He had even built a working engine when he nine years old.

It was the age of Eleven when he was 5"11, and he realized this was not the normal height of kids his age. He also realized kids his age do not normally work with machines as well as he does, or fix cars like him. He had also learned of The Templar order, and even the Notorious Assassins.

Fast forward a few years later, Michael is now Sixteen. He had learned the basics and even a bit more about Templars and Assassins, and he had decided, like his predecessors, to side with the right side. The Templars.

Twelve Years Later, Michael is working at Abstergo entertainment, the "Child Company" of Abstergo. He decided (more like Forced, actually) to work there, for his parents have told him they were a Templar Company, and they wished for him to work there even since he was Ten years old. Today, he is fulfilling their wish. Little does he know of the dangers that wait... well, that's what he was. Now, he has been driven seemingley mad after merely touching a piece of [REDACTED], located at [REDACTED], found by [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and [REDACTED]. This piece of [REDACTED] was used for [REDACTED] prior to driving him mad. It is now guarded by Squadron [REDACTED].

Since the incident, Michael had gotten better, though does still mumble at tines. He is now more of a functioning member of society.

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PostSubject: Re: Michael "Big" Butcher (Updated)   Sun Mar 15, 2015 4:24 pm

Looks good, approved. His personality could use a bit more though.

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PostSubject: Re: Michael "Big" Butcher (Updated)   Fri Jun 09, 2017 1:13 am

Updated since post
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PostSubject: Re: Michael "Big" Butcher (Updated)   

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Michael "Big" Butcher (Updated)
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