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 Jonathon Butcher

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PostSubject: Jonathon Butcher   Sat Jan 31, 2015 1:02 pm

Name:Jonathon Butcher

Age:37 (5/5/17)

Affiliation:Ex-Templar, now Free Agent, mild pirate, with small Assassin ties.

Appearance:With sleek, black hair, Jonathon stands at the height of 6'11, and wears his modified Templar armor during work, and more indiscreet silk pants and shirt, along with normal shoes and a black vest. The only thing he always wears is his Templar Pendant, yet that it now used to merely get favors from any Templars he may run across.

Personality:Jonathon is a kind and easy going man, always happy to help fellow Templars or citizens at any given time.

Favorite Weapons:Jonathon favors a crossbow, along with two pistols strapped to his right side. He also wields a pair of matching daggers to his left, both of them Eleven inches in length.

Strengths:His kindness has led to people trusting him, and that leads to even Assassins trusting him. This allows him to get inside info from drunk Assassins, or even kill others when they don't suspect it. He has also used his Daggers quite often, they seem to be just an extension of his arms for him. And since he has been in the order for years, he knows what the Assassins next move could be - to hiding in a closet, to stalking the rooftops. This is now merely just fun things that can help him out during practice, or if a Templar or likewise foe feels to be extra sneaky, as he doesn't need to kill Assassins anymore.

Weaknesses:His height, like his brother, has also led to downfalls. He is more easily spotted in a crowd, leading to him having very close Assassinations. His kindness has also led to people, especially his enemies, being helped up... by him! And, whenever he sees his opponent is on the verge if death, he gets extremely cocky. He likes to monologue his speeches, possibly giving them a little sliver of hope... most time, they die, but a third of the time, he gets knocked out, or almost killed.

Biography:Born Five years before his brother, Damian, Jonathon has always seemed to have the 'Big Brother Advantage' over Damian. Like his little brother, Jonathon was inducted into the order at 15,  when Damian was 10.  

After serving five years in the order, Jonathon took his first responsibility - killing an Assassin. He was enthusiastic - when a Templar kills his/her first Assassin, they are officially considered a Templar.

Thirteen years in the order now, at age 27, Jonathon officially went to Germany to deal with those Assassins, where his drinking, like his brothers, heavily increased. Instead of drinking heavily from Grief, Jonathon picked up on it for an obvious reason - he was a Scot in a land where mugs were normal size. For when in Rome, do as the Romans.

After five years later, Jonathon heard news over his brother leaving for a island called Ingua, near the Florida Keys, after he was banished from the order. He quickly sent his quickest schooner, as he prepared his super-frigate, The Drunken Scotsman, to set sail. He has been waiting in Havanna for him, but a man rumore to be on of his brothers tells him to come to Ingua, and gives him a letter from his brother, explaining everything. Now, he sets sail for Ingua, where he shall arrive in a few days time.

After a good few years there, Jonathan is now in cahoots with his brother, now an Assassin to shock by him, and one of the most notorious people in the West Indies - Elizabeth "The Demon" Shay, and her groom, Sam Donnelly. The two brothers now run quite a profitable business of pirating at times, though Damian is not as involved as his brother is.

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PostSubject: Re: Jonathon Butcher   Mon Feb 02, 2015 2:06 am

Approved. Nicely done, Guillotine.

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PostSubject: Re: Jonathon Butcher   Mon Feb 02, 2015 2:10 am

I have the perfect picture that describes how I feel when I see someone replies on my Character Application.

Especially when it's you, and I saw the "Voidmon wrote a message in a watched topic" after what I typed.But, still, thanks.
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PostSubject: Re: Jonathon Butcher   

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Jonathon Butcher
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