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 Intel Drop/Time to Get Started

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PostSubject: Intel Drop/Time to Get Started   Fri Nov 07, 2014 4:32 pm

Today is the day! Nathan thought to himself I am finally going to go out on my own.

He looks around, nothing of interest, just the same abandoned apartment he's been coming to everyday for the past seven years.
Seven years? Has it really been so long?
The only difference today, they literally rolled out the red carpet. It was a dingy thing, looks like it hasn't been used for a while, Wait, am I the only new recruit in Chicago? No, I've seen other trainees; am I the first to pass basic?
A swarm of troubling questions began to fill Nathan's head. With perfect timing, the den master broke Nathan's train of thought, "Nathan Salazar. You have passed your training, and your assigned mentor has given you nothing but praise and high marks. However, there is an unvoiced concern that I feel must be addressed.
Uh oh, did I screw up?
Your assigned mentor is also your adoptive father. We of the council worry that there may have been biased opinions, so we must ask; Do you feel that you are ready to undergo our life style, uphold the tenants of our creed, and if need be, die for our cause?
Even the air was silent, the world seemed to have stopped in anticipation for Nathan's answer, My mother before me was an Assassin, my father and mentor, Manuel, is an Assassin, and with your blessing, for I believe I am ready, I am an Assassin.
Hey, we're the ones who're supposed to look cool tonight, cut the showmanship.
Wait, what?
Man, now I don't even feel like doing this, how can any of us top that!? Dude over here like, "I am an Assassin," I wasn't even that cool when I was initiated, and I'm den master. Damn, j-just give him the bag, The now upset den master points towards the door, Get the fuck outta here, find a target kill 'im, that's how we do.
Ummm... so... what now, sir?
With a hurry Nathan puts on his new back-pack and get's out as instructed, Who do I talk to about finding a Templar in Chicago?
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PostSubject: Re: Intel Drop/Time to Get Started   Wed Dec 10, 2014 5:35 am

Blake strolled through downtown Chicago, holding down the front of her floral dress as a gust of wind blew past. She was late. Again. It's a wonder she still had her position with the Brotherhood. But she always got her mark, so she figured they let her slide.

Blake shuffled past a crowd of people, darting through a crosswalk before the light changed. "Ok, where is this place again?" She reached into her cream backpack past her change of clothes and pulled out a crumpled sheet of paper with directions scribbled on it. "So I turn left and keep going. I did that!" She huffed, balling up the paper and shoving it back into her bag. She couldn't exactly stop someone and ask for directions to the guy she was meant to kill. Forget it, she thought, stomping off to the nearest coffee shop.

She didn't order anything, she just sat and pulled out her notepad. The best thing for her to do right now was to sit and doodle. She hated when things didn't go right, it made her anxious; she'd seen what happens because of stupid mistakes, and didn't plan on joining her fallen brothers anytime soon. When she looked back at her notepad, she had realised that she had drawn the symbol of the Brotherhood. She chuckled to herself, There's no escaping you, is there?
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Personal Pal!
Personal Pal!

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PostSubject: Re: Intel Drop/Time to Get Started   Fri Dec 12, 2014 11:48 am

Sebastian looked in some files, targets and contracts, "where the hell is this?"
He looked once again and pulled out small paper with a phone number, he called the number "Nathan are you free? where are you?" he waited for answer, he thought on the mission, suddenly he walked into the assassin's den "Oh, you are here, what's up? need help?"
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PostSubject: Re: Intel Drop/Time to Get Started   

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Intel Drop/Time to Get Started
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