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 Templare defense

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PostSubject: Templare defense   Templare defense EmptyWed May 15, 2019 12:09 am

The camera slowly pans to the right as it sees a boy by the looks of 17 jump over a box he is being chased by a man wearing red with some emblem on his shoulder the camera quality is to poor to make it out
Jacob stops running knowing he cant out run this man he seems to have almost infinite stamina the boy takes a moment to catch his breath then emerges from the shadows "What do you want from me!" The man smirks "Your life just like i took from your freinds" He quickly pulls out a knife and rushes at Jacob
Jacob Nearly doges having a hole ripped in the side of his shirt in the process and is thrown to the ground where he lands next to a plank of wood as the man readys to slash at him again Jacob picks up the small plank sturdy enough for one hit before it breaks He dodges the blade just in time and hits the man in the back stunning him long enough for Jacob to push him into a puddle and run
(Few minutes pass)

The street cameras have been following him the whole way the guard on the other end very intrigued knowing he needs to report this he wants to watch a bit longer first but the boy sees the cameras following him and quickly grabs a bucket from a shop fills it with water and douses the camera "DAMMIT" the guard yells
"There now they have lost me for a bit" Jacob turns down an alley with no cameras in sight and keeps running until something below his feet breaks away
Jacob is waking up from the fall he was not out for long
He seems to be in a dark catacomb with stone hooded figures around him a dark figure with a low hanging hood is in the shadows he begins to walk tword Jacob stating "Unless you try to flee i wont hurt you"

((If Someone could respond to the roleplay and take the spot of the assassin that would be great))
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Templare defense
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