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 Ora McShane

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PostSubject: Ora McShane   Fri Nov 27, 2015 6:13 am

Name: Ora McShane


Affiliation: Thief

Appearance: Ora is a very small women with long curly black hair and emerald green eyes. She wears boys cloths and sometimes masquerade as a boy to get information for anyone who pays for it.

Personality: Calm, Caring, sneaky, Frendly

Favorite Weapons:
A small knife which hangs around her neck on a chain.
A old short sword. (Family heirloom.)
An old pistol. (Last resort wepon

Fast Runner

Bad left knee
Blind in one eye.

Background/Biography: Ora, was born in the slums of white chapel. She spent little time with her parents, both worked most of the time to keep a roof over Ora’s head. Sometimes she would be left alone to tend to the house but sometimes her father would take her to work with him. One day when she was about eleven she wondered off from her father and ended up getting kicked in the head by a horses hoof. The last thing she saw was her father’s worried face.  

When she woke she could see nothing but it seemed like she could hear everything. Her mother who worked the streets of white chapel had to stay home for a long time before Ora became use to not using her eyes. All of her other senses had heightened and she was able to see through vibrations. She could use her other senses to move. She even learned to steal from the higher class whenever they ventured into white chapel.

When it rains is when she can see the best. The vibration of the rain drops hitting everything allows her to see outlines of things. She sees without seeing. Her father passed away in an accident in the factory he worked in and her mother died a year later from consumption. With out her parents help, she lost her home and now lives on the streets of white chapel. Only buying a room when she's managed to steal enough money  for one.

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PostSubject: Re: Ora McShane   Fri Nov 27, 2015 7:31 am


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Ora McShane
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