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 Trading Title for Cash(opn)

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PostSubject: Trading Title for Cash(opn)   Wed Mar 04, 2015 3:19 pm

Hiax had been on the rooftops for hours now just waiting for a local baron to pass through on his usually carriage ride through the town.

John had received the job to assassinate a person of power. It did not matter who was killed. He could have gone for an easy kill, like the head of local guard who everyone knew was allows a sleep at this time. The reason Hiax was going for a baron was that the more power they had the more power Hiax received.

He laid on the rooftop for other hour. His crossbow on his back. His phantom blade on his right wrist. His belt lined with throwing daggers in case he had to get closer. His pair of sultan's knifes just in case had to get into close combat, which we really hoped he didn't. Finally his rifle in ready position to take a shot at a carriage window.

The shot should be easy enough. Hiax was a few rooftops away from the actual street the carriage would pass and he glad he was. He knew the rifle would make enough noise for the guards to find the spot he was firing from, but with  a little luck and Hiax's skills he should be able to get away before they actually get close to him.

After a few more moments almost ready to give up the Baron's horse pulled into site. He forced his aim and put his finger on the trigger waiting for his target to appear.
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Trading Title for Cash(opn)
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