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 Claudius or "Cabin Boy"

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PostSubject: Claudius or "Cabin Boy"   Mon Feb 02, 2015 9:40 pm

Name: Claudius or “Cabin Boy”

Age: 27

Affiliation: Templar

Appearance: He has darker tanned skin from him sailing constantly in the Caribbean. His hair is a dark brown nearly verging on black. He had piecing blue eyes that matching the sea he sails on. He stands and 5’ 11” with a very thin frame, he almost appears lanky at times and will make this look ten fold when fighting for he has longer arms than he does torso. He wears the standard Assassin garb from his old order. With but a small twist, The red and white are introverted so the robe looks almost blood red while he white gives the air that he still holds his old Order dear. He also has an almost excessive about of throwing knives holders. In groups of five he has them on each hip, on each shoulder, two on each ankle, and five on his chest.

Personality: Claudius or as he is called on the Czarina “Cabin Boy” ticks him off so he seems a bit on edge most of the time. He also has a bad habit of correcting Jekaterina on her English which as led to a few fights on deck. They were friendly but always end in blood being drawn as both are hard headed in their ways and beliefs. Though over the years he has learned to love the crew he sails with and will stand next to his Captain as her quartermaster. Claudius has two moods most of the time, serious and stoic in a fight and lazy and carefree once he reaches his limit on how much he can drink. He also has a curious streak. As a young boy he was always interested in the world around him and one could always find him buried in a book if he wasn’t drinking, fighting, or helping his crew.

Favorite weapon: He loves his throwing knives which he has plenty of. He also has his two standard wrist blades; last he had boot knives that he can kick open in dire straights.

Strengths: One and his most important strengths is his seer speed. Few can move as fast and react as quickly as he can. His second one is his eye sight; he can hit a man in the face from across the deck of a ship with near eye sniper precision. His last skill is his calm manner when he fights. He can read most opponents and react in a timely manner.

Weaknesses: His greatest weakness is his strength, while he can hit fast there is no real stopping power behind his punches or kicks. So he relies heavily on his blades and knives. So those with a strong defense are the hardest for Claudius to kill or even make the sweat. His second weakness is that he becomes carefree once he has had too much liquor. This has led to a few problems on deck as his judgment becomes super impaired. His last weakness is his mouth; it moves much faster than his brain and leads him into major trouble.

Background: He was born in Rome and has a Roman name, which is about all the ties he has to his home land. He was raised in Rome unaware of the shadow war his family was fighting. Even when they moved to the Caribbean he was 13 before he truly knew about Assassins and Templars and their bloody battles. From a young age he was trained in the basics of being a true Assassin and it was a hard but easy life; early to rise a set routine from an early breakfast to his training. He was 17 before he was fed up with the same routine that was his life. He felt that his life was going no where and the tales coming from the high sea life was just too much to resist. His mother and father disapproved of a live on sea saying his job would be on land and that’s all he needed to know. His mind got the better of him and he ran away from home to the nearest dock with a small bag of knives and two wrist blades that didn’t quite fit him yet.

It was in this port that he really learned how men and women fought on the sea. He would witness crimes and even joined in a few underground fighting rings to better improve his skills. It was with this money that he bought himself a small personal ship to sail around the sea. He was 20 and before he set out his parents caught up with him finally concerned about him. Claudius and his father began to fight on the docks would soon turned into a full out brawl. As the two men begin to fight a crowd began to form around them. Each man fought with such savage rage that they seem to be possessed by an immortal fighting spirit. As the fight dragged on the blood that each man had drawn began to pool and flow like a river. So much blood was lost that they seem to turn pale as ghosts, but in the end it was Claudius who won. It was also after this fight that he gave up his family’s name only to be called Claudius.

As he sailed the Caribbean Sea he began to find small islands small nooks and crannies which chests and other things resided. Though much to his dismay even he needed the dock every now and again to resupply; it was during one of these restocking of goods and means that he stumbled upon a somewhat friendly Templar. He was drinking when the lass came up to him asking if he was an Assassin. Which Claudius friendly replied with what does it matters to Jekaterina who he didn’t know her name at the time. The two began to talk about the ideals of each Order. While Claudius didn’t like the way he was treated the Creed by which the Assassin’s lived by was a great way to live; while the woman across from didn’t think the same way. Both were hot headed fueled by the alcohol that had been flowing between the two and they struck a deal, they would have it out fist to fist to see whose Order was stronger. Now Claudius was fast he was no where near as strong as Jekaterina and lost.

So in the deal they struck he had to become a Templar, which he hated but a deal was a deal and he was sworn to Jekaterina as her cabin boy which the whole crew would end up calling him in shame. While time grew on he earned his place and liked his new employer even if he had to serve Jekaterina. He rose in rank among the crew and earned his place as quartermaster yet the crew out of habit still calls Claudius cabin boy. While he has joined the Templars he still wears his Assassin robe as small way to defy his new master.
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Claudius or "Cabin Boy"
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