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 Tiago da Silva

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PostSubject: Tiago da Silva   Sun Jan 04, 2015 5:02 pm

Tiago da Silva


Assassin (in-training)

Tiago has short, dark-brown hair with brown eyes to match. Being of Portuguese blood, he has naturally tanned skin. Since he is still young, he has almost no muscles to speak of and stands at a pitiful height of 1.3 meters tall.

Tiago was a lively child who preferred to keep to himself, much to the dismay of his parents. He used to enjoy riding the horses that his father bred for the Templars. The only thing that young Tiago enjoyed more than riding horses, was playing pranks on anyone that had the misfortune of meeting him. After his parents died, he took on a more morbid and serious personality. He is dedicated to his training and sees his mentor as a parent figure. Tiago is very calm and obedient, he does not speak much, but those whom he trusts often wish he would keep quiet for at least an hour. He is a very creative child who spends most of his time free-time reading or writing.

Favorite Weapons:
- Bow
- Mini rapier

- Being smaller than both his mentor and fellow Assassins, Tiago can reach places that the others cannot.
- Being fluent in both English and Portuguese, Tiago can gather information from various sources and translate for other Assassins.
- Since he is a child, people do not pay him much attention. This allows him to feign innocence.

- Since Tiago is still young, and he is only starting his Assassin training, he does not have the necessary strength, size, or skill to take on enemies.
- He is as reckless as his mentor, Elizabeth. This is probably because he is like her shadow, he follows her everywhere and copies everything that she does.
- Tiago bottles his emotions.


Tiago was born in Sines to Templar parents. His father used to breed horses for the Templars, while his mother handled the financial side of the business. When he was only eight years old, his parents started to work for the Assassins by providing them with the fastest horses they had. They never left the Order as they believed it would provide a certain level of security for their son.

When Tiago was nine, his family went on a trip to Havana to arrange the sale of some horses. They heard of an Assassin that was to be executed, being colleagues of the Assassins, they refused to let that happen. Tiago was left at the inn with directions to the local Assassin bureau and he was told he was to go there and speak with any Assassin he found, should they not return.

The harsh reality is, Tiago's parents were two of the many Templars that fell defending two Assassins at a scheduled execution of an Assassin at the governor's mansion.

When his parents did not return after two days, Tiago left for the bureau. Rhona Dinsmore sent young Tiago to Tulum for training but, like Elizabeth, he was hated for his Templar heritage. The Assassins refused to let him stay at Tulum, they made it perfectly clear that they had no intention of training the child as they believed he would become a Templar like his parents.

Ah Tabai took pity on the boy, and sent a bird to Elizabeth Shay at the Great Inagua. She was told that she was to train the boy and take him on as her apprentice. Not wanting the child to suffer the same treatment from some of the Assassins as she once did, she took him under her wing and he began his training with her.

(Tiago is only a minor character but I might use him again in the American revolution era. The rest of his story will be revealed through RP)
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Tiago da Silva
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