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 Morgana O'Reilly

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PostSubject: Morgana O'Reilly   Tue Dec 02, 2014 11:01 am

Morgana O'Reilly


Templar and pirate

Morgana has long, black hair which she keeps neatly tied in a ponytail with a red ribbon, she also has a white streak on her fringe due to years of worrying. She is tall, lean, and she has a bosom that rivals those of the finest dancers. She is more muscular than most woman but not to the point that she would look like a man. Morgana has grey eyes which match her weapons perfectly, and a scar that runs down the nape of her neck from a failed assassination attempt. Morgana wears black boots, black pants, a red corset, and a black tricorn hat. She refuses to go anywhere without her ferret, Devin.

Morgana is a very quiet woman, however, when she is with friends, she never stops talking. She was once called "insane" by a man when she slapped him through the face after he had mistaken her for a dancer, she responded by setting him alight. She has been called a flirt by many men, however, she claims flirting is her way of lulling her enemies into a false sense of security. Although violent by nature, she prefers to settle things in a diplomatic manner.

Favorite Weapons:
- Claymore
- Daggers
- Flintlocks

- Her years of hunting have made her an expert marksman. She can shoot a rabbit through the eye from 60 meters away.
- She can use her female charm and winsome body to her advantage, however, she refuses to do anything that would cause her to lose her dignity.
- Morgana is an exceptional liar and amazing at manipulating people.

- With a lung condition, Morgana cannot run long distances.
- Morgana can't cope with high temperatures. When the temperature passes a certain point, she becomes more easily aggravated than usual.
- She cares far too much about her friends in the order, she almost died while protecting one of her friends from an assassin.

Morgana was born in Clew Bay, Ireland, to a wealthy family. Her father, the Grand Master of the Irish Templar Order, was a wealthy merchant who specialised in tobacco and liquor, her mother was the daughter of a famous author.
Morgana did not show the faintest signs of interest in any typically girly things so her father trained her to fight and took her on hunting trips. When her father was busy, Morgana would train with the pirates that frequented the port, they even took the time to teach her how to sail a ship. Over the years, she eventually surpassed her father in skill as the pirates taught her what he did not, fight dirty.
Morgana's life was relatively carefree until her mother died from a fever when Morgana was only seventeen years old. She locked herself in her room for a month before her father finally coaxed her out.
Morgana had never paid any attention to the strange men that frequented her house until her father decided to introduce her to them. They each took turns in fighting her, they all lost. A month later, Morgana was inducted into the templar order.
When she was 23, Morgana received a ferret kit from her father as a gift. Morgana named the ferret "Devin" and trained him to act as her guardian and fetch things for her. This came in useful once when she was captured by a band of local ruffians and held at ransom, Devin brought her the keys to her shackles and she killed her captors before she left for the tavern.
With nothing much for her to do, Morgana purchased a brig which she called "The Raven", and set off for Nassau in search of adventure. When she arrived, Morgana sought out the local Templars and joined forces with them. After a month, an assassin tried to kill her but she managed to survive the attack and quickly slaughtered her assailant.
Morgana now spends her time as both a Templar and a pirate.
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PostSubject: Re: Morgana O'Reilly   Tue Dec 02, 2014 11:15 am

Looks good - approved.
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PostSubject: Re: Morgana O'Reilly   Tue Dec 02, 2014 11:16 am

Awesome. Thank you, Jas.

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PostSubject: Re: Morgana O'Reilly   

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Morgana O'Reilly
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