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 Francisco "Remora" Alvarado (WIP)

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PostSubject: Francisco "Remora" Alvarado (WIP)   Wed Nov 05, 2014 5:34 pm

Name: Francisco "Remora" Alvarado

Age: 23.

Affiliation: Formerly Templars, currently Pirate and Assassin.

Francisco is a tan young man with short dark chestnut hair tied in a little ponytail. His eyes are a deep amber eyes with a black hue. He has a very athletic body, barely having many muscles on himself. He usually wears his blue tunic, in wich he has sewn in a sun figure, with his leather leggins and sheathes for his many pistols and a belt which hold eveything up, a pair of black leather boots. On his clothes he wears various armor pieces, like a steel shoulderpad and kneeguards. Along with a neckguard.

Personality: Francisco is a very sarcastic person, often making fun of opponents that are much bigger and stronger than him. Even though he keeps himself happy at all times, he is a very depressed person at heart, often preffering being in solitude and alone most of the time, and he barely trusts people and often relies on spying on people to know more about them. He is a very aggresive person if aggravated too.

Favorite Weapons: His ornated flintlock pistols:

And his ornate flintlock rifle:

-Amazing Aiming: Francisco is an amazing shooter when it comes to firearms, making every shot count.
-Great Stealth Ability: Since he was a spy in his past, he knows a few tricks and abilities to sneak his way through enemies.
-Agile as a Cat: Francisco is a very agile person, relying on dodging and blocking enemies and attacking undetected more than taking damage.
- Last But Not Least: He has a horrible tendency to come at the last second of a desperate situation, making himself more experienced battling weakened enemies, but making him also better at fighting enemies with surprise attacks.

-Prone to Distrust: Francisco is a very distrustful person, varely trusting his allies and often ignoring their help or ignore helping calls.
-Often Getting Tired: He isn't a very energetic human being, often getting exhausted and tired after a lot of physical work and exercise.

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Francisco "Remora" Alvarado (WIP)
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