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Here you can role play as your favorite characters from the AC series, as well as your own! All games and time periods are included in this forum.
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 Jacob White

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PostSubject: Jacob White   Jacob White EmptyTue May 14, 2019 11:50 pm

Name:Jacob White


Affiliation: At the moment I am none I wish to be an assassin if you would want to have me

Appearance: Im about 6 foot tall I have no facial hair my hair is a little messy and brushed to the side Im skinny due to not having much to eat

Personality: I am easy to enrage and tend to struggle keeping my self under control

Favorite Weapons:I have never had to use a weapon on any one before but I like to remain quiet so probably a simple dagger would do

Strengths: I can steal things from peoples pockets without being noticed
I am fast and know how to escape
I am sneaky due to stealing food and other items and not being seen

Weaknesses: Both physical and psychological:Easily enraged,Not very strong

Background/Biography:My parents were killed when i was 7 i did not want to go to the orpahnage the owner was abusive so i ran and took to a life in the streets i made a group of freinds we were all good at stealing and decided to start living that way all those freinds are either dead in jail or they just dissapered i naturaly built up strength in my legs from running away from stores after sloppy theft jobs and have grown good at stealing from pockets to take phones and buy myself more time before the police show up i have grown tired of the thief life style and i feel like the people the ones with the red symbol the ones that took my freinds i think there looking for me next i would need traning as i am no where near an assassin myself

-Hoping you could take me in

(My character app was originally put in the wrong place so I put it back into the right one Smile)
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Jacob White
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