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 Rachel Melje

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PostSubject: Rachel Melje   Sun May 04, 2014 12:30 am

Name: Rachel Melja

Age: 20

Affiliation: Currently a Free Agent (But hopefully to become an Assassin)

Appearance: Dark brown hair that reaches just past her shoulders with the bottom inch of her hair being high lighted with blonde. Dark green eyes with a ring of brown around her pupils. Slightly pale, almost to an unnatural but also somehow maintaining a healthy glow to it. Lean build with little muscles and fit look to it, as if she could run for long distances. Stands at 5'3" with a little weight to her.
Usually wears yoga pants or jeans, sometimes cepris on ocassion. Wears either loose t-shirts or tight tanks, always seen wearing a hoody which varies from long sleeves to short sleeves to no sleeves. Almost always wears black leather fingerless gloves as well as a silver necklace that has a small moon on it with a blue gem. Usually seem wearing all black and sometimes shades of blue, occassionally white added into the mix. When wearing jeans, wears a black belt with a strap on pouch on her left hip. Sometimes will include hidden in her hoody, under her left arm a holster of some sort, sometimes is a knife while under it's a gun.

Personality: Slightly naive, open-minded, optimistic, outgoing, confident, passionate, determined, stubborn and generally nice to everyone.

Favorite Weapons: Usually knives but mainly uses the army knife that belonged to her father. Occassionally will use a gun if she thinks she will have need for it.

Strengths: Usually focused on the operation on hand when the time calls for it. Good climber, able to jump over long distances. Fairly skilled in hand to hand combat thanks to all of her martial arts training as a child, through stronger with kicks.

Weaknesses: Weaker when it comes to hand combat, though not by much, but enough for people to possibly win in an arm wrestling match. When faced with the death of someone close, be it a family member or friend, she takes it pretty hard. Has a deep heated hatred for people to take advantage of others, specially people who hurt to get where they are and making others suffer for their success.

Background/Biography: Rachel was born to a Russian father and an American mother, having been born into America. Her father worked as a Historian for a College, teaching world history. Her mother had originally worked at her parents business until she married her father, becoming the stay at home parent. Rachel grew up in a fairly normal household, seeing her father when she could, spending time with her mother more. Eventually when she reached the age of 7, her father signed her up for some martial arts classes, saying that a girl like her should learn to defend herself. Though, her mother was against it, she eventually gave in, saying if Rachel enjoyed it, she couldn't stop the girl.
Rachel continued her life in that normal manner until her mother's accident at the age of 14. Her father was devastated, starting to stay home from work. He eventually lost his job and lived off his savings. It wasn't long until Rachel took up a job herself to take care of herself and her father. At times, when she was home with him, he would tell her stories of his life back in Russia. Some battles he had joined when apart of their army, how his father had been a great soldier. But soon the stories became ramblings and it wasn't until Rachel reached the age 18 did he seem to get back to his sense. He told her it was because he finally realized just how much she had grown.
She decided to stay home instead of going off to college and helped her father find a new job. He found one in a company trying to learn about some secret in the past, he was told he could not talk to her about it, which she accepted. She continued her training in the martial arts and for her 19th birthday, he gave her his old army knife as a present. She loved it. However, not long after that, he came home frightened, as if he had found out something he shouldn't have. And the next day, he didn't come home. Rachel was worried and called the police, who went to his work place but were unable to find anything. Rachel had grown a little suspisious of the company and when to investigate herself.
Having somehow listened in on some employees converstation when sneaking around the lobby, she heard that someone had been cut off because he dug too deep. Feeling sure that they were talking about her father, she worked hard on trying to figure out what just happened to her father. It didn't take long with some asking around and researching. Though she did not know the full details, she knew that there was a single man responsible for whatever happened to her father. She confronted him but only got a laugh and was then taunted how she would never figure it out. Letting that thought boil in her for the next few days, she eventually snuck into the building one night when it was least busy. After having found his room, knowing where it was thanks to a floor plan, she confronted him again. This time not letting him get a chance to taunt her once more and taking him out with her father's knife. She snuck out but had to run through an alley when they had spotted her, but thankfully she lost them after a bit of running.
She knows what she did wasn't right but she didn't feel any guilt for what she did. In truth, she felt empowered, like it was natural for her to do this. She then decided it for herself to continue as she is, wanting to help others like herself.
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PostSubject: Re: Rachel Melje   Thu May 08, 2014 5:01 pm

Approved Very Happy

There is a slim chance you already know me from here Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Rachel Melje   Fri May 23, 2014 9:56 pm

Thanks ^^ I should have checked in earlier to see if she was accepted. I'll read into some rps and see if there are any I could possibly join.
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PostSubject: Re: Rachel Melje   

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Rachel Melje
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