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 Dixie Dewl

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PostSubject: Dixie Dewl   Sun Mar 11, 2018 6:58 pm

Name : Dixie Dewl
Nickname : The Turtle
Age : Late 40s
Affiliation : Barber-surgeon and physician


Dewl is a short, slightly hunched, lean-built man with light skin and dark green eyes. His chestnut brown hair is short and messy, with small curls forming at the tips, and he has a full beard stubble. He fashions a dark green overcoat, which sports golden buttons vertically alligned on the front and turtle shell patterns along the bottom edges, with a worned out white shirt and brown pants underneath. Dewl carries a lustrous obsidian cane, which he uses as a crutch and a sheath to conceal his hidden sword. On his waist is a utility belt made from leather that carries his surgical instruments and rare herbs, on the far right of it is a holster for an old small flintlock pistol that he rarely uses. He also wears a pair of dark green boots that matches his overcoat.


Throughout the years, he is known for his nihilistic, sardonic and smarmy demeanour. Dewl is a man that likes to skip ahead pleasantries and sweet talks to stay focus on the heart of the matter. He opts for a simple and practical solution to everything. Which may lead some to view him as cold and unrelentless, when in reality, he is merely calculative and precise. Even so, nobody has ever questioned his undying convictions for truth and justice.  His heart is always in the right place and at given times he can be very playful; with each and every insult that he intentionally let slip, Dewl mesh it with meaningful advice as well as being more openly casual with others, regardless of their race and views.


Dewl is a master surgeon, he knows the anatomy of a human body and how it works very well. He is also a polymath, experting in psychology, medicine,  philosophy, linguistic, history, warfare and martial arts.


Though he is an experienced man, he is also relatively old. His body is not what it used to be and if not for his brilliant mind, he would not last long in a prolonged one on one fight.


Not much is known about Dixie Dewl’s life (like most seafaring surgeons in the Golden Age of Piracy), but the current and most well-known story of him goes as written:

Dixie Dewl was born to a family of academics in Bristol, England. In his early years, he never goes too far from a book. He spends most of his leisure time reading, starting from stimulating fictional stories to deep and complicated philosophy books in the span of a few months. By the age of fifteen he was admitted to Cambridge University, two years earlier than most of his friends at school. Knowledge was what he thirsts for and this was proven by his excellence and determination in understanding almost every subject that he was studying.

After he received his Bachelor of Medicine degree from Cambridge and his license from the Royal College of Physicians, Dixie Dewl went back to his hometown to work alongside a friend of his named Thomas Dover. Together they practiced their knowledge for years to come, saving lives and earning a living from it. Both were content with what they were doing at the time, but as they grew older, the dullness of the routine became apparent and the two of them decided that they would go out on an adventure.

In 1708, at the age of 46, Dewl and Dover (48) changed careers to become a privateer on Captain Woodes Rogers expedition. On the 2nd of February 1709, they were sailing near Juan Fernandez Island when Dewl spotted a beacon fire ashore. Driven by their curiousity Dover and him signed up to be a part of the few armed men that were sent out by Rogers to investigate the site. The crew searched far and wide for the origin of the beacon. They were prepared for everything they would eventually encounter, or so they thought. Instead of finding the enemy,  they came upon something or someone that one crew member described as such:

“A man clothed in goat skins, who looked wilder than the first owners of them.”

After being thoroughly questioned by Dewl, the man reveals himself to be Alexander Selkirk, a Scottish privateer who was marooned on the island for more than four years. Feeling sympathy for him, Dewl decided to bring him to the ship and after some negotiating with the Captain, Selkirk was finally able to rejoin his fellow Englishmen on their privateering venture.

Selkirk had become well acquainted with Dewl and Dover after a few months of faring the sea. He told them about his life, he trained them the intricate art of hunting and he even told them about his affiliations with the Templar Order. Dover was highly skeptical of the whole story, but Dewl on the other hand was very fascinated with it. The thought of an order that is as old as civilization itself invigorates him. So when Dover finally became a Captain of his own ship and Selkirk became his second mate, Dewl opted to stay with them.

The ship is famously known as Duke, it is a fine yet deadly vessel, apt for the people onboard. With Dover’s expertise in medicine and Selkirk’s expertise in survival, the crew of this new ship was unknowingly more battle ready than most veteran pirates and privateers. Dewl experienced this himself. Within a few short months of their voyage, he had already learned many things from the two and was applying them to great effect. This was further proven by their succesful sacking of Guayaquil (Ecuador).

At the time of the attack, plague was evidently present as there were many bodies stacked in front of the churches, which Dewl and the others ransacked. In the process, a couple of Duke’s crew became ill. After a few days, one hundred and eighty men on the ship was given the same fate. As Dewl was himself an expert in medicine, he helped Dover figure out a way to stop the effects. It involved them bleeding the crew on both hands and tying them up, it’s an unorthodox method for cleansing the blood, but they were both willing to risk it to save their men.  While this was happening, Selkirk procured them all with strong liquor to ease the pain. The result was that they only lost seven men.

Legends say that Dewl became a permanent member of the Templar Order shortly after that day in Guayaquil. They said that his prowess in battle and strategical mind kept the Duke afloat and away from unnecessary dangers from any opposition. The Assassin ship that he helped plundered near Acapulco started all the rumors about him, it is also the origin of his nickname “The Turtle”.  As the raid begun, the crew of the Assassin’s ship saw what he was capable of doing. His moves were slow yet precise, always calm and collected even when everything was going into a prepetual madness. Not one blade or bullet managed to hit him that day, it was as if there was a shell defending him from harm.  The striking slightly-hunched form of his body and the oddly green attire he was wearing painted a figure in the minds of those who survived the skirmish, which eventually become a myth of its own.

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PostSubject: Re: Dixie Dewl   Mon Mar 12, 2018 4:10 am


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Dixie Dewl
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