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 Nick Jonathan

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Friend of the Forum

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PostSubject: Nick Jonathan   Sat Feb 22, 2014 6:16 pm

Name: Nick (Middle name is Morgan) Jonathan

Age: 20

Affiliation: Free agent (has worked with the Assassins in the past)

Appearance: Short and black hair which is spiked up, a shaven face (can turn into a 5 o'clock shadow when he gets too lazy to shave for several weeks), high cheekbones and an average male nose. Usually seen wearing a black or grey hoodie, unzipped with a red, white or black T Shirt with grey jogging bottoms or black jeans with black sneakers.

Personality: The self proclaimed "Most cocky asshole you will ever meet", he has a very sarcastic sense of humor. CONSTANTLY makes fun of people especially in combat, can usually be seen on his sofa in his apartment listening to his music through his speakers in his house and volume all the way to the max, the song he usually listens to the most is Cult of Personality by Living Colours which he listens to once a day...he also usually sings along (he obviously doesn't get along with his neighbours in his apartment building). He currently lives in Montreal, Canada where his apartment building is (coiencidentally) located a mere 10 yards away from the Assassins HQ in Montreal. (how Nick found the Assassins should be rather obvious.) After moving to Canada when he was 19, he was tutored on how to do a Canadien accent and he eventually got used to using it to the point where it became his accent. His British accent can be heard very very faintly however.

Favorite Weapons: Silenced pistol and his fists+feet.

Strengths: Can taunt his opponents to get them pissed, making it easier for him to defeat them. He is also very good at stealth when needed, but usually doesn't. He is also very likeable depending on how seriously you take his wiseass remarks (if he trusts you) He is also very skilled in combat having learned kickboxing and jiu jitsu fully by the age of 15 (he had forgotten all of the techniques by the age of 16, but knows how to execute the moves more than how to walk)

Weaknesses: He's not very smart in combat, usually just shooting his opponents in the face when bored and he also admits to only knowing one thing about tactics and that it was "in combat, try to punch and kick the guy in the face, chest or gut". He is also not the fastest person in combat (he's around the same speed as Altair was in AC1 in terms of free-running and climbing, however.) making it harder to defeat more agile and fast opponents. His taunting can also be a weakness as well AS a strength because he does let his guard down when taunting his opponent, leaving him open. He is also very lazy when he gets bored. He is also very VERY opinionated and him being an asshole can make him seem like an unlikable bastard to some (or even most).

Background/Biography: The one guy who SHOULDN'T be the decendant of the assassin Nicholas Morgan who was an assassin during the golden era for pirates, Nick Jonathan was  born on July 17th 1994 in Portsmouth, England. Nick's biological parents at the time were only 13 years old and Nick always had a very bad relationship with his parents and also usually got into fights at school when people made fun of how young his parents were at the time of his birth. Eventually, by the time that Nick was 10, his Dad had been arrested for raping his mother and for nearly murdering her, he's in prison to this day . By the time Nick was 11, his mother was addicted to heroin, her mother was arrested for drug use the same year and Nick was put into an orphanage. His biological mother was released from prison in 2011.

Before he was adopted, he was very shy and never spoke to a single soul on Earth because of his pretty bad childhood. He however opened up more and his personality changed into a more sarcastic and asshole type guy. Nick was adopted by a woman by the name of Megan (he never learned her last name and she never told him for unknown reasons) when he was 13. Who had adopted Nick as she was infertile. He then had a better teenhood before eventually when he was 17 Abstergo industries kidnapped him and tried to place him in the Animus to access Nick Morgan's (his ancestor)memories. But as Nick was underestimated, he escaped rather soon after being kidnapped when he roundhouse kicked Vidic in the face and escaped leaving several broken bones, knocked out teeth and unconcious people behind him.

When he went back to his house, he found that Abstergo had murdered Megan. For the next few years, he barely survived with a job at McDonalds in a shitty apartment. Before eventually going into hiding and moving to Canada when Abstergo found him again and almost killed him, when Nick was 19.  He promised himself that day he would defy and destroy Abstergo for all they had done to him. Soon after, while blasting Cult of Personality by Living Colour through his speakers which was heard within a 50 yard radius, an Assassin came up and got into a brawl with him. Nick was beaten and knocked out before waking up in the Assassin HQ. The Assassins there tried to make him become an Assassin but Nick didn't become one as he believed the whole idea to be dumb and wasn't his style in general. However Nick did know that they were good guys and was willing to help them when they needed it. To this day, Nick is still blasting Cult of Personality by Living Colour through his speakers and doing missions for and not for the Assassins. He is also to this day, an associate of the Assassins.....

but not an Assassin himself.

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PostSubject: Re: Nick Jonathan   Sat Feb 22, 2014 8:58 pm


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Friend of the Forum

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PostSubject: Re: Nick Jonathan   Sun Feb 23, 2014 4:20 pm

Thanks! Apologies for the inactivity though before this. I was trying to plan out this OC and it took while to plan out everything.
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PostSubject: Re: Nick Jonathan   

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Nick Jonathan
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