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 Meekara (the blind Assassin)

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PostSubject: Meekara (the blind Assassin)   Thu Jun 01, 2017 6:43 pm





(Not pictured:
- Shoulder length ashen hair
-  Scar on her right cheek)

Meekara has a heart of stone. She doesn't like letting people close in fear of losing them. She plays innocent and helpless to get her way, or to complete a mission. She loves animals, and will destroy anyone that hurts an animal. Meekara tends to avoid people as much as possible when she's not begging.

Favorite Weapon:
- Staff

- Master of the eagle sense and eagle vision
- Heightened senses
- Able to make the most of nothing

- Blind
- Headstrong
- Doesn't work well with others

Meekara was born blind. Her parents didn't have the desire to raise a blind child, and simply lift her to die. Thankfully, she was found by a passing Assassin who took her into his home, and raised her as his own.
They didn't have much, and were poorer than poor. However, they made do with what little they had, often surviving on scraps or roadkill.
As Meekara grew, the Assassin noticed her behaviour, and realised that she had the gifts of the eagle. When Meekara turned five, the Assassin taught her how to fight, and how to survive on the streets.
When she was seventeen, the Assassin that raised her was murdered by Templars. She inherited the mouldy old shack on the edge of town that she was raised in.
At 19, Meekara officially joined the ranks of the Assassins, and became one of the top Assassins in the area.

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Meekara (the blind Assassin)
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