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 Cosimo (no last name)

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PostSubject: Cosimo (no last name)   Mon May 29, 2017 8:54 pm

Name: Cosimo (Last name not-given)


Affiliation: Free Agent(But ALWAYS helps the Assassins, because of Flora, he isn't part of the Creed.)

Appearance: 5 foot 8. Black, long hair. A toned but somewhat thin body, olive skinned. Always wearing a light-brown hooded cloak, and underneath, peasant clothes(white shirt, leather vest, etc.)

Personality: (Much of this will be explained in the bio-) Cosimo is a very jubilant, humble, and innocent kid, at least on the outside. He is often picked on because of his homeless societal position, but maintains a good attitude for those who care about him(the select few). On the inside, he is a very mature person, having spent his entire life as a Renaissance slum. His favorite person in the Creed would be Flora, his closest thing to a mother-figure. He steals only to sustain himself, and only from people who can afford to be stolen from. A self-taught engineer/chemist, Cosimo has a multitude of interesting/unorthodox ways of helping the Assassins, to whom he is very popular within.

Favorite Weapons:
-Self-made hidden blade(makeshift, ugly, but perfectly effective.)
-Grenades/bombs(A variety of lethal and non lethal explosives/diversions that help in the a bind.)
-Slingshot(Given to him by Flora)

Strengths: At least 3

1) The fact that he is a freaking kid. Nobody expects a homeless-child to do any damage, which makes him a master in the arts of stealth/blending in.
2) Stealth. (Yeah, I know, cliche as hell, but bear with me.) Due to his lack of combat ability, Cosimo has only been able to help by gaining information, keeping lookout, or causing distractions. So, naturally, stealth is an extremely important aspect for him. Plus, his whole life on the street has conditioned him to keep low.

+ He can climb stuff.

3) His ingenuity. In a time like the renaissance, scientific ideas are springing here and there, and it's no different for Cosimo. With the scraps/books he has found, he has been able to teach himself the ways of simple mechanics and chemical weaponry. This gives him a variety of interesting gadgets that no one really knows how to counter.

Weaknesses: Both physical and psychological (ex: easily aggravated as a psychological trait)
1)Weak compared to his usual opponents, being  a kid.
2)Shy/Low self-esteem-Often has good ideas that go un-spoken, same with the execution of risky plans.
3) Can't fight as well.


Cosimo was an orphan from the age of 3. His mother had been homeless when he was born, and died later from disease. As a lonely 3 year-old, despite the odds, he managed to survive on his own by stealing, scavenging, and hiding. At the age of 11, the assassin master Flora found him, having just been beaten and stolen from. She gave him food, offered him a place to stay for the night, and soon recognized the potential in him. In a way, she claimed him. However, Flora has never let him join the Creed; she believes that their ways are necessary but corrupting for a youth like Cosimo. She trains him, but disallows his entry. Still, Cosimo is very familiar with the entirety of the local Rome creed, and they often give him odd jobs to do behind Flora's back. He has killed before, out of necessity, but its something he hates to do.
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PostSubject: Re: Cosimo (no last name)   Wed May 31, 2017 5:13 pm

Absolutely wonderful.


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Cosimo (no last name)
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