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 Günther Steinhauer

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PostSubject: Günther Steinhauer   Mon Mar 20, 2017 7:53 pm

Günther Steinhauer


Free agent/pirate


Günther is a stern young man, who takes great pried in everything he does. He has a set of rules, and God help anyone who breaks them. He is distrustful, and wary of strangers as a result of his troubled past. He suffers from nightmares, insomnia, and horrible hallucinations.

Favorite Weapons:
* Rapier
* Daggers
* Twin pistols
* Axe pistol

* Strong as five men
* Well educated
* Fluent in many languages
* Highly intelligent

* Permanently exhausted as a result of his insomnia
* Has moments of madness
* Prone to hellish nightmares and hallucinations

Günther Steinhauer was born to a noble family in Germany. His father was a politician who stood for everything good and pure in the world. Günther's father had taught him to fight, and showed him a way to escape should anything happen to the family.

The day soon came when the Castel was attacked. Günther quickly took the secret passage his father had showed him, and escaped. He took a ship, and sailed for the only sanctuary he knew of, Nassau. There, he became a successful pirate Captain.

Interesting fact about Günther:
Height has a pet falcon named Sterben. He frequently speaks to Sterben as he doesn't have anybody to talk to. Plus he prefers the company of a falcon to humans.

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Günther Steinhauer
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