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 Sable Skotádi

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PostSubject: Sable Skotádi   Sat Jan 28, 2017 9:24 pm

Name:Sable Skotádi

Age: 21

Affiliation: (Assassin)

Appearance:Long silver hair, olive skin, silver eyes, height 5'6 and slim athletic build, scars on arms, neck and under left eye.

Personality: Understanding, Jokster, strong willed.

Favorite Weapons:Melee, Katana and hidden blade.

Strengths: Speed, agility and can easily disguise self.

Physical: Cruel, quiet, violent
Psychological: emotional, trust issues, sensitive

Background/Biography:Originally from the French Quarter, New Orleans, Sable comes from a poor abusive family. Begged for money all hours of the day and was beat in the dark of night. To afraid to run away and be alone, she figured it'd be best to stick with her drunken father and greedy mother then to die somewhere alone. One night Sables' father became angry with her one night for not making enough to purchase him more money for alcohol. He came for her and started smacking her around until just stopped. She looked up through her hands she had held up as a defense and saw him on the ground and a strange in a hood standing over him. From then on, the stranger took her away and started to train Sable so she could defend herself on the streets, obviously, bringing her to the Hive of the Assassins and the rest is history.
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Sable Skotádi
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