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 Beatrix La Laurie

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PostSubject: Beatrix La Laurie   Mon Jan 09, 2017 3:54 pm

Beatrix La Laurie
(Beats, Trixie, Pixel)




Beatrix is lively and bubbly. She loves having fun. Whenever she isn't tinkering in her workshop, she's out clubbing, or playing games. She isn't very patient, and she doesn't care for anyone but herself (and Frank the teaspoon). She loves loud music, video games, and any technology.

Favorite Weapons:
- Her technology
- Power armor
- Laser pistol
- Teaspoon named Frank

- Technical wizard
- Highly intelligent
- Strong backhand
- Mean left hook

- Can't function without technology
- Not a skilled fighter in hand to hand combat
- Not altogether there

Beatrix was born in New Orleans to a mechanical engineer, and an electrical engineer. Ever since she was a child, she loved tinkering with machines. At 16, she took on a side job at the local mechanic. She later went to an undisclosed Institute where she studied robotics, and all manner of machinery. In her final year at the institution, she was offered a job at Abstergo on the condition that she join the Templars. She jumped at the opportunity. Whilst working at Abstergo, she studied chemistry too. Eventually, she was given her own workshop where she worked exclusively for someone high up in the ranks. When not working for her mysterious boss, Beatrix worked on her own project. Mid 2016, she completed her work on a strange mech that seemed to be based off the power armor from Fallout.

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Beatrix La Laurie
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