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 Berko Ayolabi

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PostSubject: Berko Ayolabi   Sat Dec 03, 2016 1:14 pm

Name:Berko Ayolabi

Age: Unknown, might be in his early thirties or late twenties

Affiliation: Assassin

Appearance: Dark skin,  5"10, Athletic build, medium length dreadlocks tied back with twine,  short scruffy beard,  thick eyebrows, large brown eyes, high cheekbones, crisscross scars across back. Wears large brown coat with a gray hood sewed to the collar, a shirt, breeches and leather boots. Belt with weaponry tucked in and hidden blades under his cuffs.

Personality: Stubborn but easygoing, emotional,  gregarious, Joker, Daredevil.

Favorite Weapons: Cane Knife, Pistol, Short Cutlass,  Hidden Blades

Strengths: Above average athleticism and strength,  persuasive and well spoken,  Social Butterfly.

Weaknesses: Slightly hindered by wound on his back,  Emotional,  Alcoholic,

Background/Biography: Berko Adekunle Ayolabi, born on the coast of West Africa during the late 1600's to a prominent local imam. At age 7, an enemy tribe invaded Berko's village, taking him and most other women and children as hostages. Traded to English slave traders for guns and rum, Berko's was clapped in chains and spent months under the deck of a ship to be shipped across the Atlantic. In the months that felt like an eternity, hundreds died of malnourishment, disease and overcrowding of a thousand of human souls. Finally reaching the Caribbean,  he was sold to a sugar plantation in Jamaica. Rechristened as Marcus, (An alias he often uses.) He was sent to cut the sugar cane, slashing away from dawn to dusk. A stubborn boy during his first years, the whipping post was almost a weekly routine to him, often for mocking the plantation owner or the overseer,  doing uncanny impressions,  down to the plantation owner's long crane-like strides and the overseer's grunts and puffs,  with a red-eyed look of a wild boar. On his tenth trip to the post,  a visiting Privateer, by name of Timothy Drake saw the boy withstands the overseer's savage blows with barely a whimper. Impressed,  Drake offered a generous sum of three pounds for him, which the plantation owner was quick to pocket, since Berko was more nuisance than anything else. Told be had a new master,  his gears where whirring, he thought he killed the man and ran away he would earn his freedom. With his Cane Knife hidden in his breeches,  he went to the summons of his new owner, a man with Sandy hair and a wide smile,  his drive to kill the man was shrunk to a small ball of doubt. Taking him by his hand,  like a father to his son,  he turn and said words that Berko would never forget, "Well boy, you are a free man now,  and any free man needs steady work. Follow me to my ship." Seeing little reason to refuse or argue,  Berko's followed Drake's coattails to his brig, The Robin. Serving as a cabin boy and a powder monkey,  Berko's spent years happy and content under Captain Drake's wing,  ignoring the many grumbles of the crew. During an attack at sea by a French Man O'War, Berko's was shipwrecked of the coast of Nassau.  Spending years as a swindler and a conman on the streets of Nassau, Berko made an effort to learn to read and write, smooth-talking washerwoman and swindling drunks and drinking his own sorrows away at night and attempting to decipher John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress during the day.  Eventually picked up by the Assassin's Bureau at Nassau,  they were impressed by his ability to persuade almost anyone by his way with words,  he soon was drafted into the ranks of the Brotherhood, and continued using his skills for the Brotherhood, speaking Gulla from his time at the plantation, sailor's drawl as a privateer, the Refined English of the traders Kingston during the tasks and errands he we sent to do,  and French and Spanish from the docks of Martinique and Havana. His tenth year as an assassin he returned to Nassau after a series of missions in Jamaica, and rejoin the Bureau as one of the most valuable assets to the Brotherhood.
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PostSubject: Re: Berko Ayolabi   Mon Jan 09, 2017 12:41 pm


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Berko Ayolabi
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