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 Quention La Roux

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PostSubject: Quention La Roux   Thu Nov 03, 2016 6:10 pm

Name: Quention La Roux

Age: 26

Affiliation: Assassin

Appearance: Quentin is about 5'8" tall, is well built but not overly muscular. He has blondish-brown hair, cut short and side-parted. and a long van dyke beard that he keeps well trimmed. His eyes are greyish brown colour, and the right one has a small scar next to it. He prefers to wear sports jackets and shirts, but when he is on mission he dons a grey hoodie with a brown bandana around his neck, a dark pair of jeans and sneakers.

Personality: Quention (referred to as Q by his friends and associates) is very reserved, and keeps talking to a minimum, often sticking to his work, and only engaging in conversations about it. He cracks the occasional cynical french joke around people he is comfrotable with and they would describe him as a pretty calm person, but he has been known to "lose it" and start spouting profanities, being quite violent while doing so. It is best to keep your distance when he is like this.

Favorite Weapons:

  • Push dagger, always kept in a hidden inner pocket in his jackets/sweaters.
  • A cudgel made from a piece of pipe he uses as a non lethal alternative.
  • A Kukri, which he is the most experienced with, but he only takes it on missions.
  • Garrote made from piano wire, also only used on missions, only if necessary.


  • Quick thinker, able to adapt to new situations quickly.
  • Master of HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) and knife fighting, can pretty much kill with anything that has a blade.
  • Extensive knowledge of history, about the Assassins, Templars, Precursors and Pieces of Eden. (Also knows a lot of historical fun facts.)

    *Paris Hideout CCTV footage, 12th of October 2005 21:34*

    "Hey Wil!"
    *sigh* "What, Q?"
    *turns chair* "Did you know that in the early crusades, Seljuk bows were so weak that armored knights could basically just walk through arrow storms like nothing?"
    *sighs again* "No Q, I did not, that's...umm...pretty cool I guess"


  • Reluctant to kill someone who isn't trying to kill him.
  • Loses his temper when innocent people are hurt, goes into wild rage, potentially compromising the mission.
  • Not a great distance runner, loses his breath after approx. 15 minutes.


Q was born in Paris to a single mother, Lucy La Roux, as his father had been killed in a "work-related accident" months earlier. (Of course Q later found out that his father was a templar, and no matter how much her mother pleaded for his contract to be removed, they wouldn't listen to her.). She was an assassin, but she was getting into her early forties, and avoided action as much as she could. Q and his mother had a hard life, living in a tiny house in the outskirts of the city, living on the cheapest food possible. Q attended school with mediocre grades, preferring to spend his time in museums, libraries or HEMA practice instead. When he was 18, his mother revealed everything about the order, and how he was destined to be a member. At first, Q rejected this "prophecy" and ran away from home. He delved into research about this ancient battle of Assassins and Templars, and what he saw changed him. The attempted murders of thousands of innocent people were just some of the crimes the Templars had committed, and Q decided that even if he is only one 18 year old boy, he is going to dedicate his life to the cause. He returned to his mother's house shortly after. He found her dead on the floor, with one clean cut across her throat. As he kneeled there, he heard footsteps around him, so he looked back and saw a tall woman with a white hooded overcoat, with long, blonde hair approaching him. He knew by his mother's description that this must be Adeline, the Paris Mentor of the Assassins. She kneeled down next to him. No words needed to be said. After a while, they both stood up, and Q looking deep into Adeline's eyes, said "I understand now... I swear to you and the entire Order, that from this day, my life is dedicated to stopping the Templars from taking over this world with their treachery and cruel schemes." "Very well then" - Said Adeline - "Follow me."

After his training was completed, Q took permanent residence in a downtown apartment in Paris, but he travels often to different Bureaus of the Order, doing his best to aid in the locating of Precursor relics, and the stopping of Abstergo...
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Quention La Roux
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