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 Josh DragonsFlame

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Josh DragonsFlame
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Frequent Flyer

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PostSubject: Josh DragonsFlame   Fri Feb 21, 2014 4:05 am

Name: Josh DragonsFlame

Age: 21

Affiliation: Assassin Order


Personality: Snarky, sarcastic, but good natured. Also a bit of a flirt, and his jokes can be a bit pervy, but he lives to make people laugh.

Favorite Weapons: Hidden Blades, Dragon's Flame (Passed down from Joshua DragonsFlame I)

Strengths: Strong hearted, good willed, superhuman strength. Athletic, fleet of foot. Intelligent.

Weaknesses: Explosive when angered, at times naive, overconfident.

Background/Biography: Born in what some call "The Farm", and named after his ancestor, the first Josh DragonsFlame from the days of Altair and his Order, Josh DragonsFlame was raised by his father, Philip DragonsFlame, and his mother, Selena DragonsFlame, both Assassins. He was trained from childhood to be an Assassin, and has spent his life in service to the Order. His first civilization roots has made him a good replacement for Desmond Miles when it comes to reliving the past through the Animus, but his family is cautious about allowing him into an animus for too long, for fear that he will end up in a similar circumstance to Subject 16. Josh's signs of the Bleeding Effect are minimal, so far, but he is still a formidable Assassin, even without inheriting skills through the Animus.

Josh is a descendant to Joshua DragonsFlame The 1st, Joshua Dragomir Da Firenze, as well as the pirate Joshua DragonsFlame, and others who have yet to be investigated. While he uses his Hidden Blade for stealth purposes, he has taken the mantle of the next wielder of Dragon's Flame, the family sword that has been passed down from the crafter of the blade, Josh DragonsFlame The First, was passed down to his DragonsFlame kin up until Gregory DragonsFlame, who named his son Phil. Sadly, Gregory's wife, Natasha Dragomir, divorced from Gregory and took his son, Phil, with her. Phil was named with Natasha's maiden name, calling him Phil Dragomir. Phil would later have a son by the name of Joshua Dragomir Da Firenze, who was the next holder of Dragon's Flame. Later in his life, Joshua would discover his roots, and took the DragonsFlame name in the later stages of his life. When he married, his offspring took the mantle of DragonsFlame, and would be the next to pass the blade to. It would later come into the possession of Joshua DragonsFlame, again named after his ancestor, who was a fearsome pirate. And finally, generations later, it would be passed down to Josh DragonsFlame, born in the year 1993. In 2014, DragonsFlame is a skilled assassin, who represents his family line well.
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PostSubject: Re: Josh DragonsFlame   Fri Feb 21, 2014 11:37 pm


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Josh DragonsFlame
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