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 Haru Ryusaki

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PostSubject: Haru Ryusaki   Sun Aug 14, 2016 2:01 am

Haru Ryusaki


Affiliation: (Assassin, Templar, Free Agent, Pirate)
Assassin Shinobi

Appearance: (Description, or picture, or both)
Haru is 5'7", weighs 150 lbs. and has slightly long black hair that falls into gorgeous golden-brown eyes that look red in the right lighting. His Assassin's gear looks more like a Shinobi than an Assassin because it's more Japanese based. It's lighter than actual Assassin gear from the Americas and allows him more freedom to move in the shadows or to simply move about as a Shinobi if he wished.

Haru is a silent young man, speaking only to those who have earned his trust. His attitude might not seem like that of a stable, happy young man but that's only because he's silently putting those who he's just met to the test to see if they're worthy of his friendship and trust. Once he's given you his trust, he's as loyal as a faithful dog and will protect his friends with his very life.

Favorite Weapons:
Kunai knives
his father's Katana
Smoke bombs

Strengths: At least 3
Haru is a talented stealth killer who walks mainly in the shadows
He's a strong martial artist and can beat pretty much anyone within 5 seconds
Haru is a master at close combat, hand to hand and shadow stalking(tailing)

Weaknesses: Both physical and psychological (ex: easily aggravated as a psychological trait)
Haru is a healthy 24-year-old. However, he's scarred for life from the death of his father. He will always wake up like he's about to attack someone until he realizes that it was only a dream.

Haru was born into a family of Shinobi and Samurai underneath a full moon on the Day of the Dragon. This was a sign of a blessing in his family and a promise that one day Haru would be the best Shinobi or Samurai who ever lived.

Once he learned to walk, Haru had shown a knack for martial arts and so started his training. He trained day and night from sunup to sundown. He grew stronger each and every birthday that passed. At about the age of twelve, his father had taken him out to their sacred monastery where he had been about to taken the first step towards being a great Shinobi.

However, things didn't go as planned and the monastery was attacked. Men wearing a red cross stormed the monastery and destroyed everything in their path. They used weapons Haru hadn't seen before and those that he had come to recognize. Haru watched as everything around him came crumbling down.

His father had fought back as best as he could but it was in vain. The men of the red cross took him and Haru out into the garden, which was supposed to be the most peaceful place in the monastery. It was in that peaceful, serene garden that the men slaughtered his father like an animal and it was at that moment that an eagle cried, as though mourning the Shinobi.

Haru's eyes had gone as round as the full moon itself and he begun his struggle against the men who held him against his will. They would have killed him too had it not been for a mysterious man in strange garments. He killed the man who had been about to kill him. This man took one look at Haru before he vanished. Haru became awestruck at the symbol the man had bore. It was unique and different and he wanted to wear that same symbol.

He never saw that stranger again after that and instead continued with his Shinobi training. At the age of Sixteen, he became of the age to leave his family's house and to strike out on his own. That's exactly what he had done. He left his family and wandered Japan's beautiful landscape in search of his destiny.

That destiny showed up in the form of a long road winding up into the mountains to a hidden sanctuary, safe from any evil men. At the end of his road he discovered a monastery, secluded from the rest of the world. To him, it was the most beautiful place in the world and it reminded him of the monastery his family had lost to the men of the red cross.

Within this sanctuary were housed the greatest Shinobi outside of his family. And the stranger who had saved his life. Together, these men introduced him to the world of the Assassins and Templars. They told him of a war and of how the Templars, the men bearing the red cross, were bent on turning the entire world into their slaves.

Haru had made his vow a long time ago. He would see these men killed for their crimes. They welcomed him to the monastery with open arms and he soon started his training alongside another young teenager. As they trained, they became close friends.

However, when they had both been sworn in as Assassins, they parted ways. Haru became a great Shinobi and a deadly Assassin and had earned his nickname: Kirā.

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PostSubject: Re: Haru Ryusaki   Sun Aug 14, 2016 4:44 am


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Haru Ryusaki
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