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 Danial Reza (revelations

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Danial Reza

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PostSubject: Danial Reza (revelations   Thu Mar 24, 2016 11:55 am

Name: Danial Reza

Age: 18

Affiliation: Assassin

Appearance: Average height and weight. Thick brown hair and brown eyes. Wears a blue, customized version  of Ezio's outfit (revelations) with added Qur'an texts and Persian poems/phrases as decoration. Underneath his assassin outfit Reza wears a blue Qamis (not a kimono!) which is also part of his casual outfit.

Personality: Reza is a friendly, kind, caring and Creative Muslim who loves to help others and is addicted to drawing and music.

Favorite Weapons: hidden blade, (lightweight) sword, pistol

Strengths: Reza is very good at parkours, he loves both the city as the open fields. He's very good with the Hidden Blade, both for assassination as for open combat. He also has a lightweight Persian sword for quick but hard combat. He has a good aim with firearms, but can also use his gun very effectively at close combat.
Reza is a very good team player, he always takes care of his teammates. He's very optimistic and is very social and polite. He's very loyal towards his friends, the brotherhood and his religion. He can think very creatively and is often able to accomplish a mission without unnecessary killing.

Weaknesses: Reza is easily intimidated. He can sprint fast, but can't maintain this speed very long. Reza is also very impulsive, he doesn't always think about his decisions and sometimes he says or does something he later regrets.
He has a bad aim with firearms at long range. His Autism and ADHD are creating a constant conflict in his mind. He criticizes himself which often leads towards a negative self image and self esteem.


Danial Reza was born in the small town of Arnemuiden, the Netherlands, his mother was a Christian from Holland and his father was a Muslim from Iran. His father, Ali, was born and raised as a Persian assassin, together with his brother Mohammed. The Persian assassins were known as "legendary", with their headquarters in the Ancient city of Persepolis. Iran was invaded by the Templars who captured both Ali and Mohammad, Mohammad was killed by the Templars soon after, along with thousands of other Assassins. Ali and hundreds of assassins were imprisoned, only after 8 years Ali and 20 other assassins were able to escape to Istanbul. The Turkish assassins took good care of them but eventually Ali took the chance to travel to the Netherlands, where he fell in love with Janneke, Reza's mother.

Reza was born at night under the full moon, therefore the first 'natural' light he saw was that of the moon. For as long as he can remember, Reza was attracted to the moon and stars. This made some people call him "lunar wolf".

growing up as a normal boy Reza was always very playful. At the age of nine Reza was placed at a different school where he had his first encounter with the Templars. the Templars were located at a nearby church and although he did not understood what the Templars were, he always felt something was wrong with the way they treated people.

When Reza was 15 years old, he met a assassin for the first time. His cousin had broken his leg and Reza often visited him after school. It was on one of his visits that he met an assassin, called Farid for the first time. They talked a bit, and when Reza mentioned the Templars, Farid began to tell about the horrible things the Templars did to assassins and other people. Reza listened and remembered the Templars from his childhood. later that year he met a girl named Sandra who told him she was an assassin and when she learned that Reza was a Persian she told him about the Templar invasion in Persia. Reza later asked his father why he never told he was a former assassin. his father told him everything, explaining that he didn't want Reza to become an assassin because he would be a target for the Templars.

Reza secretly joined the assassins at the age of 18, and was trained by Mehran, a Persian master assassin who was fled to the Netherlands just like his father. Reza became a member of the Turkish assassins, as there are barely any Persian assassins in the Netherlands and he befriended a you assassin named Mesut, who later also became his tutor. As Reza was in training he quickly became well-loved by the other assassins, which made the Brotherhood feel like family for Reza.
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PostSubject: Re: Danial Reza (revelations   Tue Apr 19, 2016 4:35 am

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Danial Reza (revelations
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