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 Kenneth T. Davis

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Ken Davis

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PostSubject: Kenneth T. Davis   Sun Mar 06, 2016 3:36 pm

Name: Kenneth Trey Davis

October 6, 1985
30 years old
Tropical Zodiac:

Affiliation: Abstergo Beta Tester (Used to be a Former Mechanic at Formula Grey; A Car dealership.)
Appearance: [img][/img]

Personality: Ken is a gruff man in his early 30's, hardly talks to anybody. However he is highly noted for being a good listener and Skeptical with plenty situations if he has no knowledge of his sudden surroundings and he has a way of causing sudden outbursts If he is feeling extremely uncomfortable or just plainly ticked off. Sometimes he shows signs of Paranoia towards others if they reference any simple thing about him such as his Name which enables him to act rambunctiously.

Favorite Weapons: Kenneth only uses a Genuine Gurkha Kukri Knife with a holster of course since he is only good at Melee, Image: [img][/img]

Strengths: Being an Audio Learner rather than a visual learner it enables him to act flexibly or effectively against an Enemy through giving him simple instructions.

Weaknesses: Mr. Davis has a short-temper, enough said. He is easily manipulated by certain people through his Weak link and often gets him distracted to the point of where there is no way of getting through his thick layer he calls a head.

Background/Biography: Ken was raised in Kansas Countryside at an orphanage from the age of 10 to 15. He never relied on Technology to make himself comfortable or entertained because the Orphanage had other means such as sharing stories while having a Campfire and humming to music,eventually the rest of the children would join in once in a while all except one. But they weren't family as they proclaim not to Ken at least not "them". Some kids would often blame everything on the boy since he was the oldest out of the bunch and seemed to hold responsibility for the little brats, he once thought that the Adults just completely wanted to neglect the Children and leaving Ken to suffer their abuse, it was disgraceful to him. He always felt like leaving the Orphanage to get away from his poor lifestyle to start a new one where he can explore, being cooped up in a rather small house wasn't really good for him anyway and especially since he never had much of a social life.

6 more years later, his wish came true but not the way he wanted it when the Children began to develop a sickness which was highly expected since they were all trouble makers and weren't the most sanitary bunch. The Adults too were beginning to develop the disease which urged Ken to finally abandon his home, they weren't his family so why should he stay with a bunch of strangers?

After 7 years of on-foot and eventually Vehicle travel he soon stopped at Abstergo, he heard many things about that industry on his way through city-life of Chicago which soon inspired Ken to soon try out for a Job in Formula Grey A Car dealership, who was known to be more useful with his hands and soon recommended by Abstergo as just a Beta Tester to one of their simulations. But unfortunately Kenneth didn't know what he was getting himself into or what Secrets that organisation may hide.


5' 8" (173 centimeters)
135.1 pounds (61.4 kilograms)
Blood type:

Favorite color:

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PostSubject: Re: Kenneth T. Davis   Sun Mar 06, 2016 4:07 pm

Please use the official template. Do not include unnecessary, and personal details such as card details.

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Kenneth T. Davis
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