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 Samm Hewet (Pirate Era)

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PostSubject: Samm Hewet (Pirate Era)   Tue Feb 23, 2016 11:39 pm

Name: Samm Hewet

Age: 319

Affiliation: Free Agent

Appearance: A short, 5'4, springy and lanky man, Samm has wavy, light-blonde hair, reaching to the top of his neck. He wore a simple bandanna wrapped over his head, and a simple sailor's clothes. He also wears the ring that makes him not age.

Personality: A normally jovial man, Samm is hardly seen without a smile. He enjoys sharing music, and, when he is not, is either giving to others or donating his own time to help others. Whenever he is not, however, he is either sleeping or somebody made him quite angry. He is a man that, once infuriated, gets quite scary.

Favorite Weapons: Commonly does not use weapons, yet, when he does, he would fight using cheap tactics, with the excuse, 'All is fair in love and war'.

Strengths: -Easily trusted, due to how he is easily better to get along with due to his kindness to others. Many like him, yet, sadly (to him, at least) not all.

-Has many well connected friends, and, with the right amount, he can get things easily.

-Very persuasive and Charismatic. With the right words, Samm is able to get what he wants out of people.

Weaknesses: -Due to being quite scrawny, Samm is quite weak in combat. Many compare him to that of a child, yet others believe he is weaker.

-He is emotionally scarred after seeing the brutal murder of multiple people at the hands of criminals. He sometimes zones out at times.

-No experience in combat at all. Mainly resorts to methods of 'Pocket Sand!'

Background/Biography: Born in 1157, 32 years before the third crusade, Samm lived a casual life. He was poor, like most people, yet had a passion for music. He lived a fairly average life, yet a man took pity on him, and taught him music lessons. He kept living, yet, at age 31, he found the oddest little object. A special, beautiful golden ring, given to him by a hooded man, who told him to hold on to it, and whatever he did, not to sell it. Due to not having much use, he wore it around a lot. Only after four years, at age 35, did he realize something odd was happening. All of his friends were aging, yet he didn't look a day over 31. He doesn't know the ring's full extent, yet knows enough to realize it stops him from aging. He continues roaming the country side, performing for small crowds, and becoming a bit of a folk legend after 30 years of doing this. He has no idea of Assassains nor Templars.

Fast forwarding, 1476. The Renaissance. Sam Hewet moves to Italy, the heart of the new flourishing on art and music. Obviously, he heads there. He still uses a flute, but also extended his skill to Ukuleles. He lives as a minstrel, yet, however, a rude, hooded man would punch him a couple times whenever he crossed his path. This has, luckily, only happened Twice.

Fast forward farther - 1721, midst of the Pirating Era. Samm decides to move near America, yet not close. He is not sure if this soon-to-be Country will be promising. He, instead, moves to the West Indies, specialising now, along with Fiddles and Ukuleles, he expands his knowledge to singing, mainly to help him with singing shanties to be more joyful with the pirates. Though he appears poor, he has a small fortune hidden with him - after all, being a minstrel for hundreds of years - nearly 500, actually - does get its profits soon.
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PostSubject: Re: Samm Hewet (Pirate Era)   Thu Feb 25, 2016 12:09 am

should be 564, your age is also off on american revolution form
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Samm Hewet (Pirate Era)
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