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 [Assassin] Cornet Richard "Dick" Peel

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PostSubject: [Assassin] Cornet Richard "Dick" Peel   Sat Jan 30, 2016 2:31 am

Full Name: Richard Greene Peel

Age: 27 (Born 23rd of April, 1841)

Affiliation: Assassins


Richard is a clean-shaven man with short, curly hazelnut brown hair and coffee-brown eyes. He has a scar that runs diagonally from the top of his lip to the bottom of his smooth chin.

He wears a heavily modified standard uniform of a British cornet. He included a white peaked hood and removed any unnecessary decorations that would only hinder his skills. He has a belt that he received in his trip to America, specifically made with two holsters.


Richard is a very active person. If he did have to sit and wait, he would tap his fingers anxiously. He is a very sociable guy, attending balls and parties meant for he finer people of London. He does sometimes mingle with the lower-classed folk, often engaging in their street brawls and drinking in their alehouses. He catches the opportunity if any Assassins were willing to join in his operations.

Favourite weapons:

Two Colt Army Model 1860s, a pair of hidden blades and a regular army-issued cutlass


-A skilled gunslinger, he can even spin his revolvers (Totally not Revolver Ocelot)

-Free runs on the rooftops of London like the back of his hand.

-An excellent ear, he can hear the faintest whispers in the loudest of crowds.


Physically- He's a poor swordsman

Mentally- He is a very mobile person, not willing to stand and do nothing for a long period of time.


The Nephew of The then British Prime minister, Robert Peel, Richard was raised to become a soldier. By age 16, he was purchased the merit of Cornet. He first saw action in the Second Opium War, when he was 19. He later left the British Army and joined the East India company, a mostly Templar-filled company. He almost became one if it wasn't for the American Civil War. He left the East India Company at age 24 and became a mercenary contracted under the Union. There he met the American branch of the Assassins. Intrigued, he studied the Assassin's Creed. Agreeing with their Creed, he joined it, and promised to help the British branch of the Creed. He immediately left for Britain after the war, the Americans gave him a parting gift of a pair of hidden blades, two revolvers and holsters to go. In London, Richard mostly spies on and disrupts Starrick  Industries.
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PostSubject: Re: [Assassin] Cornet Richard "Dick" Peel   Mon Jan 09, 2017 12:43 pm


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[Assassin] Cornet Richard "Dick" Peel
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