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 Capitain Jean/Jon DuPeur

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PostSubject: Capitain Jean/Jon DuPeur    Thu Jan 21, 2016 4:23 pm

Name: Jean/Jon DuPeur

Age: 32

Affiliation: Templars/Free Agent


Jean has a sharp face and is clean shaven. He has long thick dark blond hair that he combs back. His uniform appears to be a Royal Navy captain’s, only dyed blue. He looks like and has the build of an Agile guard. He has ten flintlock pistols strapped under his blue overcoat. He proudly wears a Templar medallion and wears a tricone finely trimmed in gold and has a symbol of the Templar Order sewed into it.

The Endurance is a man of war with 125 cannons stored on three decks. It has four mortars, two at the bow and two at the stern. The ship is manned by close to 300 sailors. The ship is painted blue on the hull, with an elegant golden trim. There is a Templar Order Logo on the head sail of the ship.

Favourite Weapons

His man of War the Endurance, ten flintlock pistols, a hidden blade he stole from the Assassins and an elegantly designed dagger.


Jean has the ability to speak French and English and has a blend of both accents. Since he was raised in a French family but grew up with his English peers, he interchangeably uses the names Jean and Jon, depending in the situation.  He prefers to speak English for the majority of the time. He has a commonly positive attitude, and is gregarious both to friends and strangers – although he takes caution of what he speaks on, in case the person is trying to get information from him. Jean is sarcastic, trying to create jokes during intense moments. He is a skilled captain and navigator of the Caribbean Sea. Jon is a very judgemental person. Despite his family being stigmatized, he bases his views on people on their sex and background.


-Whenever he is given a task, he accomplishes it to the letter and efficiently.

-Eloquent and charismatic.

-He easily adapts in any situation


- Jon is incredibly gullible, and can not detect sarcasm

-Jean gets anxious whenever he’s off ship, and panics when it is out of his sight.

-He is inept when it comes to swordplay, and heavily relies on his flintlocks.


Jean was born in Bordeaux to noble Huguenot French parents who migrated to England during the Protestant Reformation, when the French were persecuting those who were Protestant.

He grew up in London among the English gentry. Although stigmatized by the more prestigious gentry because he was French, he managed to form many friendships among his peers.

His home was considered by his peers to be very poor due to his family being stigmatized. With his poor upbringing, Jean along with his more wanton friends wreaked havoc in London.

When Jean was sixteen, he was caught and was faced with two options; to serve his time in the Tower of London, or join the Royal Navy. He chose the latter. He was given the position of helmsman on a frigate by his noble reputation alone.

The frigate was sent to be stationed in Port Royal, Jamaica. On the voyage to the New World, the frigate was intercepted by a Spanish Man of War. The frigate was boarded by the Spanish and the captain immediately surrendered. Jean, defiant, infiltrated the Man of War with other crew members and took it over while the Spanish and the captain were still on the frigate. He sunk the ship in one broadside.
He rechristened the Man of War as the Endurance. Since the ship was sunk and assumed that the crown would most likely presume him dead, Jon became a privateer. He constantly was contracted both by the British and the Spanish.

His reputation as an efficient privateer soon came to the attention to the Templars, and they offered Jean a contract worth 10,000 reales. Jon was mostly raiding Assassin hideouts, where he looted a hidden blade. When his contract was over, Jean became an associate of the Templars (Not a full-fledged member, mind you.) and was given a medallion, tricone and the right to fly Templar colours.
Jean takes his rare times off to meet other members of the Templar Order in order to make more friends rather than foes.
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PostSubject: Re: Capitain Jean/Jon DuPeur    Thu Jan 21, 2016 5:08 pm


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Capitain Jean/Jon DuPeur
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