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 Aaron Moore, The Arrow

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PostSubject: Aaron Moore, The Arrow   Thu Nov 26, 2015 6:15 pm

Aaron Moore




Aaron stands at a normal height of 5'7" and weighs in at a strong and healthy 170lbs. He's well muscled that tells of a life of training and of the hard life of an Assassin. He's got short dark brown hair that compliments deep brown eyes. His skin is tan but still pretty pale, like he'd worked out in the sun and then the tan vanished.

He is dressed similarly to the hero in the hit TV series Arrow. His gear is dark so that he blends well with the shadows and his hood hides his face well. On his wrist is a sort of holster that held some type of arrow just as the quiver on his back held his normal ones. He's a side pocket on his left thigh that holds a few more arrows and his bow has a sort of golden handle etched with symbols. His hidden blade is on a bracer on the opposite arm of the one that carried the small strap of arrows.

Aaron's the mysterious type, tending to not say much in way of conversation. When he's with friends, he'll speak every so often but when he's working, the only time he will talk is if he's getting information or demanding something from someone. He can tend to be a little hot-headed should someone get into his way. He can be a smiley type, often sharing a joke or two with friends, but he mostly tends to keep to himself.

One would say that his personality takes on that of the character Oliver Queen from Arrow. If he gets the chance, he will demand something out of his enemies and keep them alive long enough for them to act upon it and if they fail, he kills them and vanishes without a trace.

Favorite Weapons:
He's got his bow and a varying arrangement of arrows. Some are just normal arrows while he has some that will turn into grappling hooks to help him zip across large distances that he couldn't jump. He's also got his hidden blade, but rarely uses it as he's mostly a silent sniper, shooting his enemies from a distance. Sometimes he can use his body as a weapon as well with his knowledge of some karate.

He's a deadly marksman who knows every vital organ in the body and can use that to his advantage should he choose to. Aaron's also a master of stealth, using the shadows to his advantage to get close to his targets and often using the shadows to make his acts disappear so as to not gain attention to himself.

He's easily aggravated if someone annoys him enough. If someone so much as threatens him or his friends and family, he goes off like a ticking bomb. Aaron's acquired scars over the course of his time as an Assassin and it can sometimes slow him down.

Aaron was born the 31st of October, 1995 in Cincinnati. He grew up with a younger sister as well as with technology as it grew. He had a wonderful relationship with their father, despite his rebellious nature that developed over the years. In 2009, at the age of 14, his father was killed. The family never knew who the killer was, though the police promised to get someone into custody. They never did.

He became bitter after that, his rebellious nature worsening as time went on. While his family found him becoming more distant, Aaron found a new hobby: Archery. He practiced for days, sometimes even months, during the year of 2011, even into the year of 2012, finally stopping around August. Those who had killed his father took an interest in the boy the longer he trained himself physically. People would think that they'd grown scared of the boy and what he would become, so they set up a plan to be rid of him.

On the eve of his birthday and of Halloween, Aaron had been out with his lifelong best friend Matthew Parks doing rebellious things like spray-painting the sides of buildings when the Men of the Red Cross struck their blow. Parks was fatally wounded by a crossbow bolt to the chest and Aaron himself had been wounded by the swipes of a dagger.

Aaron was about finished when the cry of an eagle echoed overhead and the sound of wind rushing through a cape echoed into his ears as something--no--someone dropped onto his attackers from the sky. The man was so fast and agile, his movements fluid and graceful. Aaron, despite being wounded, was captivated by the man, who then turned toward him once the last Red Cross bearer fell to the ground in a pool of blood.

The man called an ambulance for Aaron's best friend, though Aaron had a feeling in his gut that it had been too late and that Parks was dead. A deep sadness filled his soul as he watched Matt being rushed to the hospital and felt a comforting hand on his shoulder. The man who had saved him was still there, to his surprise. Aaron was offered a place with the man's order, something he'd called "The Brotherhood." If it could make Aaron stronger and swifter and aid him in getting back at the men who murdered his father, he would accept.

Once he'd been accepted into the Brotherhood, they quickly found out his skills barely needed honing. Aaron was a master Marksman by the time they got ahold of him and was a pro at unarmed combat, sometimes using his bow as a weapon when needed. He remained a student for two years, however, and upon the eve of his 19th birthday in 2014, became an Assassin. He quickly earned the position of Master Assassin that Christmas.

Since then, Aaron's been like a hero to the City, going from killing Templars to helping to stop crime, almost like the TV show character in the series Arrow. People began to call him The Arrow and he accepted it with honor.
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PostSubject: Re: Aaron Moore, The Arrow   Thu Nov 26, 2015 6:48 pm


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Aaron Moore, The Arrow
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