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 Jason Warwick

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Friend of the Forum
Friend of the Forum

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PostSubject: Jason Warwick   Thu Oct 29, 2015 10:58 pm

Name: Jason Warwick

Age: 18

Affiliation:Free Agent

Appearance: He is tall and slender. He has long white hair. His left hand is missing, so he uses a protesis. It is fully moveable, but he gets phantom pains from time to time. He has a short beard. He is caucasian.

Personality: Jason is the kind of person that could bite your cheek off if he wanted to. He feels no remorse whatsoever. Whenever he starts to feel something for anyone, he straight up murders them. He is not afraid of death, so his prothesis has a self destruct mode. He constantly cuts the base of the robotic arm, while bitting his lip to feel pain. He doesn't know about Assassins or Templars, only gangs. Since no gang would want him, he just robs by his own.

Switchblade, Glock, Mixed Martial Arts knowledge.

He can be taken down by a bigger weapon. He doesn't think about if he could win or won't, he just does it. And he is not stealthy.

He will always keep fighting, he is savvy about robotics, and haves mob mentality


Jason never had anybody. He was an orphan. In the orphanage he was bullied. One day, the bullies took him to the orphanage's workshop, where they saw off his fingertips, which got infected. He had his whole arm amputated up to the elbow. When he returned, he grabbed a butter knife and shoved it into one kids eye. Many incidents like this happened after that day. Until he was sent to an Asylum. He broke free when he was twelve. The only thing they could find in his cell was a guard's body, filled with feathers from the pillows. He stole a robotic arm prototype from a hospital. He works as a hitman this days.
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PostSubject: Re: Jason Warwick   Wed Nov 04, 2015 1:52 pm


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Jason Warwick
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