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Here you can role play as your favorite characters from the AC series, as well as your own! All games and time periods are included in this forum.
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 Savannah Hunter

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PostSubject: Savannah Hunter   Fri Oct 23, 2015 1:01 am

Name: Savannah Hunter

Age: 17

Affiliation: Free Agent


Personality: Having run away from an abusive home,Savannah is very cautious around other people. She is afraid of other people and will do her best to avoid them. She is also very shy but is a bit of a stoner as well.

Favorite Weapons:Savannah has a small pocket knife but has never had to use it yet.


Afraid of other people,
Has trust issues
Has painful visions of the future

Savannah was born into an abusive household. Her mother had hated her from the time she was born and her father had been abusive since before she could remember. As she grew she learned she couldn’t depend on her parents for anything and hung out with the children who lived in her neighborhood most of the time. It wasn’t until she had hit puberty that her real trouble began. On her twelth birthday her friend’s mother threw her a party. She was about to get cake when she felt a blinding pain in the back of her head which knocked her unconscious. She saw flashes of figures as she lay there unconscious. When she awoke she got up and ran to the front of her friend’s house. She had, had a terrible vision and when she reached the front to warn her friends dad to not leave in his car she arrived just in time to see her vision come true.

Her friend’s father backed out and as he was almost all the way out in the street a truck smashed into him, killing him on impact. She tried to tell the police what had happened and after that none of her friends wanted to have anything to do with her. They all called her freak and when her parents heard they joined in. She decided she had to leave. It took her a few weeks to pack everything she needed but she had more of the painful visions during that time which only caused her parents to be crueler. The day she left men came to the house, she watched from the bushes with her backpack on her back. Something about the men scared her and she would always remember them. They wore red crosses on their shoulders.  Shes now hunted by the men and with no knowledge of the Assassin’s or Templars she is on her own.
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PostSubject: Re: Savannah Hunter   Wed Oct 28, 2015 1:45 pm


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Savannah Hunter
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