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 Issac Manley

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PostSubject: Issac Manley   Sat Oct 10, 2015 9:32 pm

Name: Issac Manley

Age: 13

Affiliation:Free Agent

Appearance:At the height of 6'2, it is a big surprise this kid is not a Butcher. With ratty, some-what long brown hair the rests atop his head, it is not commonly seen, for he normally wears a hood over top of it. He has light, hazel eyes, which also commonly have bags under neath. He is also quite lanky.

Personality: Growing up on the streets, Issac has learned one of the harsher realities of life - you can not trust many, and you must always deal seriously with problems. Due to past experiences, Issac is quite serious for one who became a Teenager in November. However, if one saves him from a sticky situation, he believes himself in their debt, and makes mutual allies with such. He has few friends.

Favorite Weapons: Fists, Improv shivs.

Strengths: Having experience in the streets, Issac has learned how to maneuver around his city, be it either by simple climbing or maneuvering around the sewers or alley ways. He also has decent knowledge of the people around the city, ranging from the other Homeless to high-up Business Men. Lastly, he has also picked up good knowledge on fighting and how to properly hold and kill unsuspecting enemies. This has helped him kill four men that sought to steal from him and later kill him soon.

Weaknesses: Being orphaned young in life, Issac has obviously not been able to graduate past a Middle School education. He can solve basic math problems, but only as far as beginner Algebra. Due to his constant growth as well, some of his joints hurt most of his time, primarily his knees and elbows. Lastly, Issac suffers from periodic flash backs of how his Parents died in a fire in which they were killed. Basically, he has PTSD.

Background/Biography: Born on November 19th, 2002, Issac lived a brief, happy life. His father was a decently wealthy man, and his mother was a tutor for kids falling behind in school. He made a good decent amount of friends, and it was always an Oddity why he was taller than much more of his class. By the time he reached sixth grade, a quite terrible fate was bestowed upon him. He was only eleven years old, later going to turn twelve in three months. He got back from school as normal, did some home work, and went to bed. It was then, when everybody fell asleep, did nobody realize that they had left a small fire outside from a bon-fire. After a tree fell over near it, the tree lit aflame, starting a very unfortunate series of events from then on. Soon enough, the house was a flame, Issac barely getting out. After realizing he was away and his parents no where near in site, he went to investigate. He only heard the screams of his parents, soon killed out as they too died from the flames. Scared and confused, Issac took what he had at the time, and ran away from the suburbs, and into the city where he began to live on the streets for the following years of his life. He now lives off doing small jobs, either being thefts or distracting people so another man could get into some where to steal something or kill somebody else. He knows nothing of Assassins or Templars yet.
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PostSubject: Re: Issac Manley   Sun Oct 11, 2015 5:26 pm


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Issac Manley
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