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 Liam Walker

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PostSubject: Liam Walker   Tue Aug 25, 2015 3:22 am

Name: Liam Walker

Age: 27

Affiliation: Assassin

Appearance: Black curly hair and olive skin, his eyes are brown. Athletic and agile, he is around 5 ft. 10 inches. Like to dress in oversized long sleeved hoody, cargo pants, and a tshirt with sandals.

Pretty laid back. Although tends to project his feelings and not hide what he thinks. Very confident and sure of his skills.

Favorite Weapons:
Hidden Blades on both arms. Throwing knives. An desert eagle gun.

Strengths: At least 3
Mastered his version of Eagle Vision, allowing him to actively use it for nearly any purpose.

Excellent at Stealth, Hacking, and free running & parkour.

Weaknesses: Both physical and psychological (ex: easily aggravated as a psychological trait)

Over exposure to Abstergo tech caused him to suffer from a variant of the bleeding effect in the form of hallucinations. At times he sees previous Assassin's and they communicate with him. Although it is only a schitzophrenic hallucination, it is difficult for him to block the 'ghosts' out.

Trained by Bleed effect, yet has no actual ties to the Assassin's although he claims to be one. This self proclaimed 'membership', is why he seeks out the Assassins to join them. This limits him to what gear he has.

He is technically just an abstergo employee, permafried by the bleed effect and preexisting conditions, tracking and murdering modern templars, though he researches them beforehand thoroughly he has to cover his tracks and makes sure he isnt found out.

Sometimes suffers depression about the impossible "task" of modern day assassins and the templar influence.


Not much is known about his life prior to The Event. An accident occurred while on the job at Abstergo Industries, testing out old materials. The Animus had overloaded and literally shorted out, his coworkers rushed to help him. Someone called him Liam, an he saw the name Liam Walker and presumed that was him.
After a coworker named Kia, took him to his apartment, he discovered several fake I.D.s and aliases which Liam Walker was just one of.

There was an address and phone number that said Dodge Kinney. Trying to piece together who he was "Liam" went to the address and found a corpse in a homebuilt Animus. Liam felt something come over him and his mood shifted, he tool Dodge Kinney's corpse and burned it elsewhere then began to look around to find who Dodge was, and how they knew each other.

There was a note in his journal about a young assassin he recruited and sent into Abstergo, to get access codes so Dodge could broadcast himself into their Animus system server and search their data files. Liam discovered that Abstergo had put in some sort of failsafe and thats what triggered the malfunction of the Animus when Dodge attempted to piggyback thru Liam's terminal. It killed Dodge and gave Liam amnesia.

But now Liam knew he was an assassin. After this revelation, he had a seizure and began to hallucinate Edward Kenway talking to him. Finally Liam realized that the data of Kenway an whatnot had become somehow downloaded into his subconscious and taken on a sort of life of its own. Liam began talking to Kenway and learning what he could, consciously taking over the knowledge now burned into his neural pathways. Liam reported back to work that he needed time off to recuperate and began to train his body and consciously call on the assassin's skills he had absorbed.

After a time he returned to Abstergo, this time looking for modern assassins and templars he believed worked there.

Note* I had the other character Dodge Kinney, figured since i never did anything with him Id assassinate him...yea self assassination, its officially a thing. lol Kinda just starting over. cool so yea
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Liam Walker
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