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 Ronin Akagi, Akuma

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PostSubject: Ronin Akagi, Akuma   Tue Aug 18, 2015 12:01 am

Ronin Akagi




Ronin stands at 5'7" and weighs roughly around 170lbs. He looks like his ancestor with black hair that tumbles into eerie eyes that are like shards of ice. Across his right eye is a scar that is semi-hidden by his hood and his mask. He wears robes that were fashioned after his ancestor's robes and the same katana blade rests on his back in a sheath made of black leather.

Quiet, calculating, strategic, Ronin is almost exactly like his Ancestor, except that he perfected the art of moving in the shadows and can erase any trace of his movements. Ronin hardly ever speaks unless he's around those he trusts, and even then he doesn't say much.

Favorite Weapons:
Katana sword~it was his ancestor's and it was passed from his father to him
Hidden Blade~it was his father's and he keeps it with him at all times
Shurikens~they provide a silent kill when his enemies are out of range to use his hidden blade
Throwing daggers~they provide a silent kill when his enemies are out of range to use his hidden blade

~Deadly swordsman
~Strong Martial Artist

Arsonphobia~he's afraid of fire because of what happened to his adoptive family
When he was young, Ronin received an injury to his face, giving him the scar he wears now. It gives him a blind spot, but doesn't necessarily make him blind. However, with the blind spot, if he were attacked from that side, he wouldn't see it coming.

When he was born, Ronin was given the name of his Ancestor, Shadō. Like his ancestor, Ronin was born under the light of a full moon. However, his story is a little different. When he was very young, his family was in danger. Unable to safely raise their child, his mother and father handed him into the care of a couple who knew of the Templars and Assassins, but were of neither party. The man was a Free Agent, often taking work that came to him, often from the Assassins but on occasion were from the Templars as well.

A few months after he'd been given to the couple, his parents were attacked and slaughtered, their home burned to the ground. Ronin was raised not knowing his true parents, but his adoptive family did everything they could to tell him stories of his family. It was how he found out about his ancestor and how he discovered his heritage and which side his father favored. Discovering the truth, Ronin dove deeper and soon found documentations of an attack on a home in the countryside just outside of Tokyo.

He returned to that home and found it was as the papers had said. The home was completely destroyed with no traces of what once stood. Enraged that someone would create such fear in his parents that they'd give him away, Ronin vowed revenge on that very spot.

He began training in the ways of martial arts, building up his body strength, both upper and lower. It was around that time that he met up with another youth who had a rather dangerous aura around him. Ronin didn't want to fight, but prepared to anyway. Indeed, he was forced to fight, though he was doing it in self defense. Without warning, while he was distracted, the youth who had started it ran toward him with something sharp in one hand. Ronin turned around in time to see a blur and a flash of metal before pain struck the right side of his face.

With a yell, Ronin fell to the ground with a hand clamped over his face while the youth laughed and, with his friends, left the boy there for dead. Thinking he'd truly die, Ronin began to cry. Then he heard the call of an eagle and a shadow fell across him. Ronin looked up to see a hooded man standing before him, a kind look in his eyes. The man helped the boy and soon, Ronin was telling this man everything he'd learned while he was being tended to.

After that, Ronin was taken in by the Assassins and trained. He showed great promise and was taken to a secret Den that no one knew about except a select few. There, he was trained by the elite few of Japan's Assassins, the Ninja Asashin. He continued his training and grew quickly in the shadows, feeling at home there. It was there that he was given the Katana of his ancestor, the one he shared a name with. After receiving the sword, Ronin was given information about the ones who had killed his parents and that they'd discovered his heritage.

Someone was dispatched to kill his adoptive family. Ronin sprang into action and let the darkness cloak him as he ran toward the place he'd been raised. He arrived too late. His family was dead and the house was burning. Filled with grief and rage, Ronin swore a new oath of revenge that day. He would hunt down the men who had killed both of his families and he would kill them.
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PostSubject: Re: Ronin Akagi, Akuma   Wed Aug 19, 2015 9:07 am


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Ronin Akagi, Akuma
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