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 Richard Shay

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PostSubject: Richard Shay   Tue Aug 04, 2015 11:45 am

Richard Shay


Templar, Irish Republican Army (IRA)


Richard is a down to earth gentleman. He loves his daughter, Ember Shay, more than anything in the world, and he would do anything for her. During business, however, Richard is as ruthless as they come, and he certainly lives up to the Shay name. He knows how to manipulate people, and how to belittle even the hardiest of people. He can be quite comedic on occasion, but seems to act more like Jack Nicholson's Joker.

Favorite Weapons:

- Being a multibillionaire, Richard can afford anything.
- He is the owner of Abstergo, and Abstergo entertainment.
- He is well educated, and a licenced surgeon.

- Richard is dying of cancer.
- He suffers from mild bouts of depression.

Richard was born in Belfast in 1964 to a poor family. His mother would get scraps from the greengrocers, put them in a pot, and set the pot on the heater for the day just so they could have a warm soup at the end of the day. Richard swore that he would never allow his family to know the sorrows of poverty, so he built his own empire, Abstergo. Some time during his time with the Irish Republican Army, Richard was recruited into the Templar Order where he fought his way to the top, and became the Grand Master of the British rite by 1990. In the winter of '93, Richard fell in love with a beautiful Assassin by the name of Jane Stansfield. They were married two years later, and had a daughter in '95. Jane died during childbirth, and Richard swore that he would care for their daughter, no matter what. He let the Assassins care for his only child, as this was the only way that she would survive in the Assassin-Templar war. He watched his daughter from the shadows, until she was fifteen, and they finally met. Their meeting was the result of one of Ember’s benders. He now lives a happy life as the owner of Abstergo and Abstergo entertainment, the Grand Master of the British rite, and a father. Richard and Ember get along like a house on fire, and they can frequently be seen at any of London's pubs. In 2015, Richard was diagnosed with cancer.

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Richard Shay
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