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 Haydn Surt: A Trip Though Time

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PostSubject: Haydn Surt: A Trip Though Time   Wed Jul 29, 2015 9:37 pm

(Beware of some bad words and death)

Chapter 1

When things get personal

Haydn sat on the bench cursing at his phone as he lost another life to Smandy Smuch. ”damn game, three months and you still can’t be beat. How the hell do I lose to this game but hunting down a shadow organization members are easy. Man screw technology man.” He took a deep breath and slouched on the bench in anger. Haydn took another look around the park and found his target. She was flanked by two guards who were loyal to her and not Abstargo. The other man he saw was an Assassin if he ever saw one. The hood and bugling wrists were a dead give away. The guards broke off and take to better look out points. Dumb bastards, don’t you see what’s going to happen. No one was going to leave this park alive at least if Haydn didn’t intervene at some point.

Haydn stood up and did a few quick stretches and threw on his hood. The other Assassin’s he hoped wouldn’t read into it to much as see him going for the Templar as a friend and not an enemy. The first guard was quick to dispatch as he was sitting on a bench with a hat on. With a quick flick of his wrist the blade pierced his head and ended his life quickly and quietly. The second guard was a bit hard as he had to time this kill with his target. He hung around looking at his phone as if he was waiting for some one when he saw his moment coming.

Haydn quickly drew out his revolver in his right hand and flicked the left wrist blade open. He tagged the guard under his chin and pierced straight though to his brain. Though the shot he needed to nail was hard. In a throng of people getting it clear enough for a shot was hard. He might not care for most others life that didn’t mean he liked killing them if he didn’t have to. Yet it was as if time slowed down for him for the head of his target was aligned with the one hole in the crowd. Just like he had practiced so many times before he squeezed the trigger and dropped the body the moment the loud bang rang out across the park.

For a solid second the park froze in fear of the sound. No human not expecting to hear the gun could prepare for the noise. So in that one second he moved as close to his targets falling body. The next second he was fighting though people running this and that way not knowing what is really happening. The Assassin recovered quicker than Haydn would have liked and he was searching for the info he was supposed to get had Haydn not killed his target. The one thing the Assassin lacked was he didn’t check if anyone was around going after the same thing. A mistake he would take to the grave as Haydn put a bullet into the back of his head.

Being a formal Templar Haydn checked the normal hiding spot and sure enough the flash drive was there. ”Ha, the easy part is done; now to get out of here and to pay day.” So Haydn began to run towards where the Assassin had come from but was nearly hit by a sniper on one of the roofs over looking the park. Fuckers, Haydn should have known his job was going to be much harder than he thought. So first he scanned the tops of the roofs to see where the shot came from before he could get another look another shot rang out behind him not aimed at him but it hit the first sniper. ”Did you really think I would stay behind on a mission like this?”

The voice came over his headpiece he had in. Thanks to the new technology one could talk to his partner and no one was the wiser. ”Damnit Kaylee how many times do I have to tell not to come on missions like this? I can handle my damn self.”

Haydn could do nothing but shake his head and take his leave as he saw Templars and Assassin pour into the scene. ”Well make yourself useful and bring the car around.” All Haydn got as a response was two dings in his headset. It was there code for I understand and if they were in trouble five dings would ring out. Either way Haydn calmly walked out of the park without trouble waiting to find his black Kia optima with Kaylee in the passenger seat. She at least knew where she should sit. There is one thing Haydn can’t stand is others driving. Plus Haydn knew these streets like the back of his hand.

It was an uneventful ride back to the apartment, which Haydn loved. He got to forget he was in this damn world if only for a few mintues. He packed his car and nodded to the doorman as he walked in. ”Good afternoon Mr. Surt, might we be going to the office or the training room?”

”The Office right now, I should have some guests arriving soon for my payment so send them up straight away please.”

”With haste sir, and you Miss Nagel?”


”Well have a good day Sir and madam.” Haydn and Kaylee waved to the doorman as the entered the elevator. The silence that filled the car was obvious, that’s when Kaylee turned to Haydn to speak but was stopped by hand that was in her face. ”One day you will join me but that day is not today. Your ties to the Assassins are still to close to our heart. I know you killed that man but he was a Templar wasn’t he?” She nodded her head. ”I know you would have hesitated had it been an Assassin, which is why you can’t join me. So go calm yourself and train I will be down shortly.”

Kaylee was the first one off the elevator then three floors later Haydn’s office door opened. It was clear as far as the eye could see excluded a desk with a computer and cords. A small fan was spinning above with another one on the desk. As Haydn approached the desk the lights flicked on and his computer booted up. As he sat down on the chair he plugged in the USB drive and watched as the files downloaded on his computer. They scrolled past in a face pace that unless you knew what to look for it wouldn’t make any sense at all. The moment the last of the files downloaded a squad of hitmen came out of the elevator but they were greeted with their guns being ripped from their hands as a magnet made them rise into the skies. ”10 mintues, that’s sad my friends. You really think I would let you bring guns into my house. Only two guns are brought up here. Mine, now where is my payment and I will ask only once.”

From as far away as Haydn was to the menthe visibly shook from his glare. They didn’t move a muscle until the elevator dinged behind them. They nearly jumped out of their skin as their boss exited the elevator with brief case in hand. The men who came before him followed behind in formation, typical Templars. Take a toy and they want to kill you, take info they want to kill you, do a job right and they still want to kill you. ”Ah Phanox my friend I see you have the smarts to keep things civil.”

A disgusted look came across his face as he moved closer and closer. Haydn stood up with his arm outstretched as the as was handed over. Haydn placed it on the table and opened it up and saw all his money in the case. He turned it over and shook the case and no false bottom. He turned it over and opened it up the other way and shook his head. ”So who’s idea was it for the third bomb this week.”

”Mine, I couldn’t stand as you gathered more and more of the intel we ask you to take back. The higher ups said you were untouchable but I proved them wrong. You know how much C4 is in that case? Enough to level this whole damn block; you might kill us but you put all these people in danger the longer you take!” With a few key strokes the men fell though the floor down to stories. With no guns and no easy means to getback up they were at his mercy. ”MARKUS OPEN THE ELEVATOR ON MY FLOOR! CODE C-FOURTY TWO NINE!” The door opened with a louder ding than before and Haydn threw the C4 case with all he had and lucky for him that it made it into the elevator as the moment it passed its threshold the doors closed and the thing went down with speed. When Haydn threw it the timers was 15 seconds from detonation, 10 by the time the elevator came, 5 seconds, 4, 3, 2, 1… The pause was long then a deafened boom came from somewhere deep below them and the whole building shook.

Now to deal with my new friends. Haydn walked around the table and watched the fallen men to see how trained they were. Turns out Abstrego sent a tactical team not a trained team. This is good for Haydn, now Haydn could kill them all without them doing any real harm to his building or him. Haydn checked his two blades and his guns, now for some fun. Haydn jumped down on to a flat piece of metal jumping from there to a pole and launching himself on top of one of the 8 guards that had first come in. way to damn easy

Haydn pulled himself off the man and peered around the corner seeing one guard looking for his friend. ”Come on Dave, this isn’t funny. Genny lost sight of Haydn and he could be anywhere, man this isn’t the time to act like this.” Haydn whistled to the man. The agent crept closed and Haydn greeted him with a cold blade straight though his chin hitting the poor mans brain before he could even show the shock on his face. 2 down and 7 more to go not much more the challenge is to stay under wraps. Now Haydn climbed to the top of a few boxes to get a better view. As he looked he saw the girl named Genny before she saw him. Over the comms Haydn could here her giving orders. Haydn still had his headset on, ”Comm check, comm. check anyone still on?”
” Check.”
” Check.”
” Check.”
” Check.”

Damn he thought one or two might be on but four was a god send. ”Come to the Office, were in a code Blue, with 7 targets. Comm check once you have your target and wait for my mark.”

This was Haydn’s most hated part about being the head of his team. The wait, for all Haydn knew they were converging in on him and he would die. 1 minute went by, 2 followed by 3 before he heard

” Check.”
” Check.”
” Check.”
” Check.”

God he loved how well trained his people were, so Haydn peeked his head up saw his target and moved up to get within reach of him. Time slowed down for Haydn as his heart began to race. One thing that he was taught by the Templars that he still does to this very day is waiting; so many teams like this rushed in but Haydn and the others like him were taught patience. It was this one little thing no matter how hard the brain fought was something that they needed. ”Mark.”

Haydn rounded the corner and took out his man and another not to far away. With a quick few beeps his team confirmed their own kills. ”I need eyes on the white coat. Check in once you see him.”

”Check. He’s in the center circle.”

”Alright that ones mine so wait a bit.” Haydn moved though the maze like floor till he saw Phanox. When to sad for him as Haydn pushed a button on the wall he leaned on and spikes crisscrossed into the man’s guts. He was in such shock that he couldn’t speak. Haydn melted out of the shadows into Phanox’s view. ”You might in charge of this branch of Abstargo but that doesn’t mean that you can stop me. To them you are but a number on a page, replaceable, unimportant. That is all you are and what you ever where. Yet now you’re dead because you like so many before you tried to do the impossible. To kill me you need to send someone like me, one who isn’t afraid to die, to kill all in his way, one who doesn’t care about the cause just in it for the thrill. That’s who will kill me, not some snot nosed lab rat. huzur içinde yatsın (Rest in peace).”

Haydn climbed up quickly and with a few more key strokes the floor raised back up and the bodies with it. ”Loot the bodies and come to me if you find anything important.” Kaylee approached him with a flash drive and a questioning face. ”Haydn what was that thing you said?” Haydn plugged the flash drive in and spoke as he looked over the new information.

”Before I left the Templars I hunted down a single Assassin, everything we worked for and all we tried to do wasn’t enough. See kept taking us down at every turn. By the time anyone would get close she would skip town and work on another city. So they sent me in after many failed attempts to get her. I was close but like the others she fled before we could close in on her. The difference was I could get closer faster, making her work twice as hard with only half a job being done.”

Haydn paused the data feed for a moment. ”Each safe house she had she left me a little gift, trying to turn me towards their cause but I was head strong in my belief. So when I finally caught her she left with a smile and only a few words. Nothing is true… huzur içinde yatsın to the very end she too didn’t question her beliefs or the fact that she could change me. I had killed many Assassins before her but none stood more in my mind than her. It was like looking in a mirror, she was me but on a different side. This got me thinking about my own Order and how much our ideals and beliefs are the same. If we could have worked together could her death been avoided, can we have true peace here in this world. So I tried to bring this up to my Order and they weren’t having any of it. So I broke off and bought this place a safe haven for all sides in this meaningless war. Any who take residence here are under my protection and safe from harm, that doesn’t mean others don’t try and harm people here and it was hard to keep the peace in the early days but each side has learnt that you will die if you hurt anyone here.”

Haydn restarted the data feed and stopped on a single page, it was titled Haydn’s old crew… Dallas… recruit for new plan… ”What the fuck is going on here?”

”Sir, some Assassins here taking about your old crew?”

”Send them up straight away.”

It was mere moments before they entered the office as the last of the bodies were dealt with. They took off their hoods and greeted him with respect. Three of the four people who came to help Haydn bowed back. ”We have an offer I think you won’t reject.” A smug smile crept across his face as Haydn stared him down. ”You better not be pulling my chain Mentor because I am not afraid to off you here and now.”

”Now Haydn calm yourself we come in peace and to bring you a job. It involves killing your old crew for a whole lot of money. See the Templars are making a move to take the city back from our hands using your crew and some others with power over the people. Seems like they think government isn’t going to get them what they want. So they want a silent revolution to happen without us knowing. We tried to send in agents but Dallas rats can even outdo us. So we ask you to end the infestation and stamp out the Templar threat.”

”Why, why do you need my help? Why can’t your men do it? I told them not to enter this damn fight!”

[color=darkgreen]”We have no idea either but we thought it best to end you this information now. So will you do it?”

”For triple my price because your men failed you and these are my old friends.”

”Done, please leave as soon as possible. When a kill is confirmed your payment will enter your account.”

With that the man left without another word. ”Ok now that you all know the mission it’s time to head out. Grab your gear and hearts, we head to Dallas tonight.”
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Haydn Surt: A Trip Though Time
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