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 Bethany Shier

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PostSubject: Bethany Shier   Mon Jul 20, 2015 3:13 pm

Name: Bethany Nicole Shier

Age: 33 (As Of 2012)

Affiliation: Assassin

Appearance: Short dark brown hair with green strands at the front. Shes also short. She usually wears a green tank top with blue jeans and yellow and black flip flops.

Personality: Bethany can be known for one of two things. 1. Her, humor, unlike her little brother. She likes to pick on people jokingly so that she does not offend anyone. She also likes to threaten people, again, jokingly, and likes to act sinister. 2. She can also be known to be very serious. When the time comes where she need to punch somebody, shes willing to do it.

Favorite Weapon: Ruger Redhawk Revolver

Strengths: Bethany is very fast. She can outrun most people. shes also very strong. Her punches can turn into bruises quickly. Shes also very agile. She loves to climb and is very good at it.

Weaknesses: Sometimes she cant take peoples harsh comments. If someone says something bad to her, she cry's, Then unloads a round of bullets into the guy who said that. Bethany is bad at hearing as her brother is bad at sight. She cant hear from at least 30 feet.

Biography: Bethany Nicole Shier was born April 14th, 1979 in Portland, Oregon. She then moved with her family at age one to Vancouver, Washington where when she was two had a baby brother named Daniel. There mother was a Templar and there father was an Assassin. They quit to be together.

When Bethany was 10, she and the other Shier's moved to Gilbert, Arizona and after 8 years she went to the Marines. After two more years Daniel went to the Navy. When Bethany heard about the Assassins, when she was done with the military she joined and quickly became head of the Assassin Military. Just as her brother became head her enemies military. In 2010, she started dating a new Assassin Named Shaun Hastings.
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Bethany Shier
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