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 Kyle "lil' brother" Waite

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PostSubject: Kyle "lil' brother" Waite   Sun Jul 19, 2015 1:51 pm

Name: Kyle Waite

Age: 14

Affiliation: Assassin

Appearance: Kyle’s height is 1m58 and he doesn’t really look like as a big Assassin fighter since he is more slender than muscular. He has dark blond hair cut real close to the head, almost in military style. He has big angular brown eyes and pale skin, which can’t help but show every emotion he got since he can’t hide his blushing cheeks or ears. He wears real simple stuff even if he doesn’t tell himself so… stuff as a sleeveless black hoodie with a hipster style pair of fake glasses. His faded pants are voluntary torn at some places and he wears red running shoes, just for the style. He wears bike gloves so he can help himself at parkour and has at his belt a few useful things such as a .9mm pistol he stole off a policeman some day and a Swiss knife he holds just to remember himself he’s not always obligated to use the pistol.
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Personality: He is an explosive kind. Kyle talks as if he already was a grown teenage boy, with the attitude and every swear he can create or copy from other conversations. He is really impulsive. He haven’t managed yet to fight as a good solider nor to think before doing a thing. He gets angry really easily and loves to get into fights. No one can get in his way except himself… or people with enough authority! Kyle can also be some sort of sympathetic kid when people get to know him enough. He is a smiley kind, as long as he doesn’t get angry or if no one asks to talk about himself. Those are the moments where he starts burning like a savage fire or where he calms down in a something that looks a little bit like sadness.

Favorite Weapons: He uses his gun, for sure, but also can use his knife really good. He doesn’t have hidden blades yet, but he sometimes uses his own body as a weapon, since he can do some karate and kickboxing tricks. His given Assassin weapons are not really attractive to him.

Strengths: He is fast, full of determination and really light, which helps him doing parkour.

Weaknesses: He is impulsive and physically a bit weak (he tries to work on that). He is a child, people never take him seriously. He isn’t that of a trained boy.

Background/Biography: Kyle was born the 14th January of 2001 in Brooklyn. He was the only son of his family, where he only lived with his father. His mom went away when he was 2 years old. He always been told that mothers where the only ones in families that were good enough to stay. He was told wrong. He lived a few years more with his father, who was trying as hard as he could to give his son a good life, without being able to send him to school. He finally died from lung cancer when Kyle was 8.
Being an orphan child, he started looking for a goal in life. That’s when he found the Brotherhood. They took take of him and gave him a weird education he never heard of before. Apple of Eden, Templars, Altaïr, Ezio, etcetera. At first, Kyle really was scared and unpleased with the training the Assassins gave him. But slowly he became one of them and stated to see them as a family, the only one he ever had. He finally was sent to school and started to have a decent education at the age of 10. His backpack may be full of books, but also of weapons Assassins gave him. He didn’t manage to make civilian friends. His only real friends were in the Brotherhood.  
He doesn’t have any hidden blades so far. The only “legit” weapons he got are his Assassin throwing knifes and the dagger the Brotherhood gave him just in case. The Swiss knife was stolen from a hunting and fishing store and the .9mm pistol was stolen during a day he had to go to the police station for vandalism. Using his Assassin skills, he stole the gun at the minute we was about to get out. From then, he hides both weapons from the Brotherhood so he doesn’t get punished about it. It isn’t rare for him to get punished for something stupid…

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PostSubject: Re: Kyle "lil' brother" Waite   Sun Jul 19, 2015 3:59 pm

Approved the heck out of.

There is a slim chance you already know me from here Very Happy
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Kyle "lil' brother" Waite
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