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 Aleksandr Kudziev

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PostSubject: Aleksandr Kudziev   Tue Jul 14, 2015 2:39 am

Be well aware that this is my first Assassin OC. Hate is a compliment in my book. Also Aleksandr isn't supposed to be Alexander, it's another name. I'm sorry about the Bio, I get carried away.

Name: Aleksandr Koznae Kudziev

Age: 24

Affiliation: Assassin

Appearance: Drenched in a light dark black Trench Coat, his eyes glow blue illuminating his appearance(not actually glowing, it's saying it's one of his more noticeable traits)his dark brown hairs flows covering his ears taking upon a shaggy look. 6"4 with a facial expression drawn to "Fuck this".

Personality: Grown into a habit of not being able to be ticked off fast, Aleksandr knows his limits and is very "Cold Hearted" leaving no trace of himself still wandering about. That is if they see him.

Favorite Weapons: Stealth, throwing knives, and hidden blades

Strengths: Stealth/Very calm an patient/Very Persuasive

Weaknesses: Passion/Hatred/Heavy Combat

There lay Aleksandr. Cold on the floor left alone for hell itself. He opened his eyes to the world that changed around him for what he did, what he will always have to live with, lie dead on the floor along with him. Aleksandr got up wiping himself of the blood that has filled his face from blood. He felt he should join.

"Father, I want you to teach me!" I cried out. At a young age, my father hunted in the cold dark woods of Russia. Of coarse, at that time we're talking in our language, my friends were teaching me English because we were left with nothing else to do. "Father I wish to learn how to hunt. Please?! It looks fun!" "Son, if you qualify killing as fun then maybe you should just kill yourself." He said. My mother was killed by him when I was only 3. I never really knew this until what happened. I was never told how, but I don't want to know how. Damn drunk has done nothing but drink himself a ocean when he was fired from his job as a lumberjack. He's beginning to kill me from the inside out, for he will be responsible for the reason I become such a self absorbed person when I grow up. At this time I was 14 but thought like I was 30. I saw everyone as a potential victim. I walked outside and began my long journey to my town. My father has moved us out of town for reasons unknown. I walked into town an saw my friend. "Holiven?" I said. "Yes, Aleks?" "What's going on? We haven't had a hanging in a long time. Who is it this time?" I waited for a response but the only came was a dead silence that was followed by the air blowing into my ear, cold as a glacier, silent as death. "It's...Leviez" "Damn! DAMN! We need to help him fast!" I began pushing through. "No, Aleksandr! He got what he deserved" Being ignorant at the time I ignored him. "LEVIEZ!" I shouted as the crowd separated in front of me. I saw his face in shock as I heard the last words from his mouth "Ale-" then a emotional screech that left his body. I got up when I noticed that the crowd was looking at me like I shot somebody. I got up turning around. "Holiven what happened?" "Son of a whore got exactly what he begged for." I looked at him an let my anger fall over myself. I punched him to the ground and kicked him in the jaw about 4-5 times. Leviez was a good friend, we met when I was 9. The guards came around pulling me back an throwing me to the ground while attending to Holiven. It looks like I snapped his jaw. Thankfully that was when I will learn patients is key. The next moment I was tied to the noose. Without warning a voice struct into all of our minds "You guys never learn, do you?" The guards looked up and saw the hooded figure. "We stay our blade from the flesh of innocent. Why should you do otherwise" it confused me as well because I wasn't innocent, but that was the only crime that I've committed...that I was caught. The hooded figure jumped down completely obliterating the first guard. It made the others flee. He cut me down without saying a word an ran off.

As I grew up more an more I realized that things my friends say that are "Off Limits" or "Unreachable" wasn't to my liking. Restricted areas holding many Silver Rubles would fall into my hands, no guard hurt. I knew that I was a professional barterer an no price was high. The only weapon I could really use is stealth an persuasion. It was the most interesting yet easiest for me.

I woke up one cold day in our small shack to a horrible nightmare; I saw Leviez's face as it dropped held by a noose. It was stuck on a replaying factor until I woke up. His death is still unknown but my best bet is he was caught killing or stealing. I traveled to our town in the dark woods. The figure was still in my head as I tried to wake myself from it's shadowy feel. I bought food an everything I need an journeyed back. The house was covered in dark. All I could see was about 6 men jumping around it all looking like the one that saved me. My dad yelling something like "THE TEMPLARS WON'T FALL TO YOU!" with his large blade swinging at them, breaking what I didn't know was a hidden blade. The sword drove deep into the Assassin's throat. I watched as they cut my father down like he was cheddar fucking cheese(Outside of RP, I thought that was funny. "Cheddar fucking cheese" lol). The snow stopped, time stopped, Crimson Rain began flowing through splashing into the faces of these hooded figures. I saw one peer at me an I turned bolting it. I heard one jump from a tree landing on me. I looked over to see the others planting a stone on my father an ran off. This one was alone. I kicked him into a nearby tree, the only limb hitting it was his head. I believe I killed him but it doesn't matter.I ran back to my father picking up the stone and laying on the ground next to him. I didn't care about the blood, I had nothing else to loose. Holding the stone I looked up at it. It was bearing the symbol of the Assassin brotherhood. I looked back down an saw an Assassin walking up to me with his hood down, this one was older an was respected telling by the stance of the others standing near. I looked at him as I got up. "What, you're going to kill me now?" I said "Well. Go ahead." I spread my arms horizontally and waited but nothing happened. "Put your arms down boy, I'm not here to join you." I put my arms down staring at him oddly. "What are you here for?" "You boy..." he paused an examined my face "You are brotherhood potential. Join us, boy. Join the assassins." I tipped my head slightly to the side an returned it quickly. "Alright. I'll join." I never liked my father. His loss isn't much at all. These killers of him, I thought I could trust. Something told me I could.

So I trained an trained an trained. I grew to 20 being a Mercenary, all the while learning Italian. They asked me to join with the Assassins in the Caribbean, located obviously, the Caribbean. I spent about 2 years slowly making my trip till I reached it. I will join an fight well.

     This is my first Assassin's Creed OC, like I said, I hope it get's approved sometime soon, anything bad I'll fix. I looked into some complaints in others, the story was meant to end here because I am supposed to continue it if that makes any sense. My "d" button is a bit messed up, I looked back an tried to find all of the "an" that were meant to be "and" and I got most of them. Also, this was a character on the AC2 one, I am again sorry, I'm tired an I couldn't find the delete topic button. I like the idea of Aleksandr I want to keep it till he dies, but I never started RP with the "Italian" Aleks.

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PostSubject: Re: Aleksandr Kudziev   Tue Jul 14, 2015 9:00 am


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Aleksandr Kudziev
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