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 The Shadow(Modern Day)

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PostSubject: The Shadow(Modern Day)   Sun Jul 12, 2015 5:58 pm

Alyssa "The Shadow" Mallory

looks 20, but is around 300 years old



Alyssa stands at 5'9" with dark brown hair that stops at the middle of her shoulder blades. Her eyes are sea blue, deep and calming. She has always been wearing black robes with red accents.

Alyssa is a shy young woman. Quiet, but when she gets angry, she becomes angry and will always strike with a lot of force.

Favorite Weapons:
-Hidden blades
-Silver short sword
-Bow and arrow

-strong markswoman, she knows how to hit her mark.
-She considers family a strength as well as friendship with others.
-The Creed she serves is also her family, and is therefore her strength.

Physical: she has a scar on her back, running between her shoulderblades to about mid back.
Mental: as a child, Alyssa saw her father murdered by evil men and it had left a permanent scar in her memories which comes back to haunt her every night.

As a child, Alyssa was a happy daughter, living alongside her parents. Neither of them knew about the Templar Assassin war that had been going on and the family was pulled into the war forcefully. They were accused of harboring an Assassin. Her father begged for them compare his child and wife. As a result, both of her parents were murdered, though her father was killed before her very eyes and her mother was left to suffer.

She would have been next had it not been for an Assassin in peach robes that had rescued her. She never found out about him, as he just took her to an orphanage after the men had been killed.

Her life was uneventful the rest of her childhood. As a teen, she gained a job but was quickly let go and she'd been struggling since. Then one day she was faced with men who carried the same Templar sign as the men who killed her parents. They would have had their way had it not been for a man in blue whom was called the Ghost.

The man trained her in the ways of his Brotherhood and she became one of them two months after she became his apprentice. After that, she spent most of her time with David, having gotten used to his company and ultimately fallen for his charm.

Later that year, they were dispatched on a mission to Hannavah, the Templar's home. She was nervous, afraid that they'd be captured and destroyed. During their mission to seek out and destroy a dangerous Templar general, Alyssa was left to finding information while David had his own search to conduct.

They spent weeks on the mission, gathering as much information as they could possibly get. The night they were ready to kill their target, David slipped off his ship and into the general's camp. There, he found within a locked chest what he had been searching for. It was a Piece of Eden, much like his.

Morning broke and they had completed their mission and were returning home to the Keys, as they'd followed their friends, Donnelly and Shay to Sam's home after the Sanctuary in Inagua was compromised.

Weeks before Alyssa's birthday, David surprised her with the necklace he'd swiped from the Templars the night before they killed the General. She was indeed surprised and was even moreso when David told her exactly what the necklace was. Alyssa didn't care, as long as she could be with the Ghost.

When the times began to change, Alyssa and David didn't. She wondered if this was what it was like to see the change around her but not be able to change with it. She almost began to regret it. She'd be frozen in time for the rest of eternity, or at least until she was killed.

Alyssa followed David through the years, aiding him in the American Colonies and in the protection of the Shay and Donnelly lines. Times changed again and she found herself in Paris, aiding one not from the Donnelly/Shay lines. He seemed to have need of the help and she managed to convince David of it, as he'd stuck to the shadows.

Again, times changed. Alyssa now found herself in America, hidden in the shadows and watching her fellow Assassins as they searched their home country for any threats of attack. However, the women were forbidden to fight alongside the men for World War II, so David was on his own for that time. Alyssa busied herself with aiding a young Shay during the war, helping her to cope with the fact that her father was fighting in the war and that he could possibly die at any moment.

Then the war ended and Alyssa found herself hidden within the shadows, alongside David. She was thankful he hadn't been killed during the war and happily followed him as he chased the Donnelly/Shay lines.

Now, she finds herself in Modern Day America, where the Templar threat is more prominent through Abstergo and their use of a machine called the Animus, used to go back and live the life of an ancestor. However, having been taught to learn the Donnelly and Shay traits, she's spotted a young Donnelly among the Assassins. As David has always protected the two lines, Alyssa has as well, taking his vow a little later during the Pirate Era.
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PostSubject: Re: The Shadow(Modern Day)   Mon Jul 13, 2015 1:56 am

Elizabeth gave David the piece of Eden.

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Master Assasin

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PostSubject: Re: The Shadow(Modern Day)   Mon Jul 13, 2015 2:10 am

Thanks ^_^
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PostSubject: Re: The Shadow(Modern Day)   

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The Shadow(Modern Day)
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