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 Austin "Reaper" Donnelly

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PostSubject: Austin "Reaper" Donnelly   Sun Jun 21, 2015 1:29 pm

Austin "Reaper" Donnelly




Austin is rather tall(5'9") and well built. His hair is dark brown with blond accents running throughout it, bangs sometimes falling into deep blue eyes, eyes that mimic sapphires, as is the trait of his ancestors before him. Around headquarters, he normally wears a black and red jacket with denim jeans and black boots. However, going out and about, he wears dark robes with no accents at all. At the age of sixteen, he'd received a wolf tattoo on his left shoulder and a family crest on the inside of his right wrist.

Like his early ancestor, Samuel Donnelly, Austin is reserved, only speaking when he's addressed by others, or when giving the final words to a Templar he's killed. However, unlike his ancestor, Austin will open up when someone gets to know him a little better and he appears to be serious most of the time, probably due to his past.

Favorite Weapons:
Hidden blades
Twin pistols(Ballester-Molina)
Modern day bow

-Austin is skilled in the art of stealth and has seemed to have perfected it for the Donnelly line.
-Like his ancestor Samuel, Austin is a skilled Marksman, his skill with a bow increasing greatly over the past few years.
-Due to his innate ability to always get into trouble with the law, Austin's a practiced and very talented escape artist and lockpick smith.

Weaknesses: Both physical and psychological
-Having a short temper doesn't really help Austin. The Assassins found that, should someone pick on him or even say something remotely wrong about any of the friends he's made, he tends to go into what they've called an automatic "Rage Mode". Though useful in the field of battle, it is completely useless and potentially harmful to those around him outside of the field.

-Austin had been injured at age fifteen with his left arm, leaving him with constant pain. It'll gradually get worse if he doesn't move his arm for a few hours.
-An emotional scar has been imprinted upon his mind at a young age and he cannot actively get to sleep without the aid of his music.

Austin was born into the Brotherhood, like Samuel Donnelly, his ancestor. However, Austin's story is different from that of the proud Pirate Assassin back in the era of Pirates. He was born on a summer's night under the light of a new moon. His father considered that to be a sort of sign that Austin would become powerful one day.

Austin grew up around the Assassin headquarters, sometimes training with the older students and learning the tricks of the trade from his older brother, Garrett. At age five, he was assigned a Mentor, who watched him like his own son. Austin grew in training and became talented with sneak-attacks and stealth-assassinations.

At the age he was ready to be taken out on his first assignment, dark news struck at the heart of his family. His mother had been killed with what had seemed like a bullet to the heart. The news shattered both Austin and his older brother and while Garrett moved on from the loss, Austin was stuck and began to fall behind in training.

A year after the news of his mother's death, Austin returned to his studies and trained with extra passion, a fire in his heart. The Assassins all said it was because of what had happened. That may or may not have been all true. Either way, Austin was growing within the Brotherhood, possibly faster than any other student.

At the age of sixteen, Austin was sworn in as a full Assassin of the Creed. However, the celebration ended a month later. Both Garrett and their father had left for a dangerous mission in the heart of their home, Florida. Only Garrett returned, bruised and beaten. Their father had been killed and it left Austin in pieces. Their father had been the only parent left that had taken care of them and now he was gone, ripped away from them by the Templars. A growing hatred for them was steadily rising through his body, encasing his heart in a thick chain.

A whole year after the death of his father, Austin became a little more reserved, speaking only when spoken to and careful of whom he trusted. It was to be expected, after his Mentor had been killed while they were on a duel mission at the hands of Templars. Garrett and Austin, along with two other Assassins, had been given a task: Kill the Templar that had been keeping tabs on them. However, as they were ready to strike, Garrett turned on them and murdered one of the Brothers with an AMT AutoMag III. That was the final straw for Austin. He returned to the Keys with the surviving Assassin and their dead brother, staying only for the ceremony.

Night fell and it was a new moon. Austin left the Keys for good and joined up with a new Bureau, somewhere else. There, he dove into the history of the Donnelly line, discovering a lot of similarities between what had happened to him and what had happened to his early ancestor, Samuel Donnelly.

As of now, Austin doesn't know where his brother is, or even if he's still alive. One thing that's certain: Austin would kill Garrett before he became a powerful Templar.
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PostSubject: Re: Austin "Reaper" Donnelly   Sun Jun 21, 2015 1:39 pm


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Austin "Reaper" Donnelly
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