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 Haydn Surt (Freelancer)

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PostSubject: Haydn Surt (Freelancer)   Sat Jun 20, 2015 7:08 pm

Name: Haydn Surt

Age: 30

Affiliation: Free Agent

Appearance: Haydn is a giant if a man at 6’3”. He has bright red hair and smooth lightly tanned skin. His eyes are an emerald green and very light hearted looking. Haydn has learned to travel light so he wears a plain green shirt. He also has a dark red cloak and hood that covers his head and face if stealth is needed. He wears comfortable but form fitting pants that match cloak. He has a leather gun holster that hold his .9 mm pistol and .45 revolver. A belt holds his pants up and a small cylinder can be seen with his ebony baton.

Personality: Growing up n the streets of a big city weren’t easy. He ran into his fair share of fights, scrapes, and runs; each experience giving him more skills from a young age and more anger. His hair gives him away as a man of passion and determination. Nothing stands in his way when it comes to a kill. No matter the odds he will do what is needed to finish a job. Haydn can be over baring and pushy sometimes but knows how to control the beast that he is to some degree.

Favorite weapon: Haydn has two wrist blades, a .45 revolver, a .9 mm pistol, and an ebony baton.

Strengths: parkour, endurance, and aim.

Weaknesses: passionate, over baring, and quick to act before knowing what he is getting into.

Background: Growing up in Dallas’s inner city was rough. It was an eat or be eaten life. One that forced Haydn to grow up and sober up fast. In the downtown area with the heaviest police force Haydn learned how to navigate the chaos of a bust city be jumping over hedges, climbing and jumping across buildings, or even running into moving traffic. This anarchy soon caught the attention of Abstergo and the Templar Order. With the offer of hot food and a family Haydn couldn’t turn it down. For the first time he felt like this was home. He trained under the Templar’s and at age 18 he was given his first field assignment. He had learned of the Assassin ways of killing. For with a new age meant new tools for them and for Abstergo. So he was taught hand to hand combat as well as how to shoot.

Over the years he racked up his kills and foiled quite a few Assassin plots to undermine the Templar Order. Yet with each kill of an Assassin he felt more and more lost. For what the Assassin’s believe in is almost no different to what the Templar’s believed. One a particularly hard kill with an Assassin named Katarina once he finished the job he took her wrist blades and some how felt that he was still killing without really knowing why.

So when he turned 25 he took his thoughts to the leaders of the Order he was shot down, he tried again and again but the same results every time. So he turned his back on the Order and became a freelancers, while the Assassin’s wanted the knowledge of the Templar he still held loyalty to them for bringing him out of a bad situation and giving him a family. So now he would work his own cases and should either side need him he would use his skills to do what he did best. Kill his target and get paid to do it. With five years of freelancing under his belt both sides fear and respect Haydn’s skill as a warrior.
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PostSubject: Re: Haydn Surt (Freelancer)   Sat Jun 20, 2015 11:03 pm

Looks good Very Happy Approved

There is a slim chance you already know me from here Very Happy
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Haydn Surt (Freelancer)
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