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 Dino Fight #1

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Arno Dorian

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PostSubject: Dino Fight #1   Thu Jun 18, 2015 7:26 pm

So I was wondering where I could add stories that I had written a while back. I guess this is the place. Also, warning, these stories include dinosaur fights, or are entirely about dinosaur fights.

Tyrannosaurus rex
Weight:8-12 tons
Length:13 meters

Tyrannosaurus is considered "the king of the dinosaurs" And for a reason, it has an aggressive behavior and anything that attacks it or intimidates it will definitely be attacked.

Siats meekerorum
Weight: 2.5-3.5 tons
Length: 29-35 feet

Siats is currently the latest theropod discovered. It is possibly and currently the third largest carnivore in late cretacous North America. The remains are thought to be the ones of a juvenile so the adults could have grown to the size of Tyrannosaurus.

It onced ruled over the Tyrannosaurs, let's see if Tyrannosaurus can defeat Siats and rule over him once again and let's see if Siats can get back his position as the apex predator. Get Ready!


The male Siats was resting. He woke up and went to the pond and drank a bit of water, there was a bit of yellow and dark brown, the water was a bit warm too. The Siats spit the urine from the pond out, he went to a side to the pond where the water was cleaner and fresher. He drank a bit and felt refreshed. He smelt a bit of scat nearby. The Siats walked over and found a pile, he heeard another dinosaur stomping around nearby. He walked over to the edge of the woods and found a meadow.

The Tyrannosaurus was in the tall grass of the meadow. The Edmontosaurus smelt a predator nearby. The Siats let out a raor and the Edmontosaurus ran away. The male Tyrannosaurus stood back up and looked at the carnivore that spoiled his hunting session. He let out a snarl and started to walk towards the Siats. The Siats backed up a bit sizing up his opponent, the Tyrannosaurus did the same but kept walking towards the Siats. This was the Tyrannosaurus' hunting grounds and he would get this Siats out of here.

They started to circle around each other, tails shaking left to right, stepping around, lunging forwards, snarling. The Tyrannosaurus let out a roar and charged at the Siats. The Siats stumbled back and fell, he got back up and rsn into the woods. The Tyrannosaurus let out a victory roar, but while he was doing so the Siats leaped onto him with claws in shoulder blades, talons slashing at ribs and biting at the Tyrannosaurus' back. He fell over and the Siats bit at him repeditaley. The tyrannosaurus struggled to get up and shook his body furiously, the Siats fell and landed on his feet.

The Tyrannosaurus was injured at the chest, the side of the neck, and shoulder. The Tyrannosaurus snarled at the Siats and head-butted him, the Siats was stunned and grabbed by the leg, it was crippled and was thrown at a tree but the Tyrannosaurus found him to heavy to throw far or at all. The Siats got ups slowly. The Tyrannosaurus just looked at him as if he was waiting for something. Suddenly he charged again and aimed for the Siats' head. The Siats slapped the Tyrannosaurus once in the snout, twice, three times! The Tyrannosaurus shook his head to try and shake away the burn.

The Siats jumped up to get the Tyrannosaurus' neck and failed due t o his broken leg, just as the Siats was falling the Tyrannosaurus grabed his arm in mid air ripping it off. Thr Siats roared in pain and shook around. The Tyrannosaurus threw the arm and bit the Siats' snout, though not crushing it, he lifted it up and they were standing snout to snout. The siats backed off weakly. He ran to the Tyrannosaurus and the Tyrannosaurus ran to him. Their bodies collided and theyeach fell back. The siats sliced the Tyrannosaurus' snout twice, but the Tyrannosaurus grabbed his other arm.

The Tyrannosaurus pulled but was blacking out. When he woke up his belly was ripped open and he was being eaten alive. He kicked at the Siats tripping him to his knees. The Tyrannosaurus tried to grab the Siats but couldn't do so. The Siats got back up. The Tyrannosaurus was bleeding out massiveley and died looking at the Siats.

Winner: Siats! Being able to injure the Tyrannosaurus enough so he would have an advantage was a yes, especially when the Tyrannosaurus blacked out from blood loss, that gave the Siats a huge advantage and an easy kill.
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Dino Fight #1
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