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 Albert J. "Demon Thief" Cox

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PostSubject: Albert J. "Demon Thief" Cox   Sun Apr 05, 2015 8:37 pm

Name: Albert J. "Demon Thief" Cox

Age: 16

Affiliation: Free lancer

Appearance: Albert is 5' 6". He is slim, but has some muscle on him, mainly on his legs and arms. He has very short black hair. Typically it is messy giving it a spiky look. He has dark green eyes that often seems black when the lighting is poor. He has a centimeter long scar just under his left eye. Other then that his face is pretty symmetrical. He often wears raggy brown pants and white shirt of the time. His shoes are well worn down.

Personality: Albert is cocky as they come. This comes from his charismatic talking and above average looks. You could say he has a silver tongue when it comes to getting out of trouble. He can also over talk and get himself into more trouble. Although he seems very sociable, he is actually very defense when it comes to letting people know him else he has a propose for knowing them. In general he doesn't like people else there is something in it for him.

Favorite Weapons: Throwing knives, daggers, and his lucky bow.

Strengths: Very good with words, very charismatic, stealthy, has amazing accuracy

Weaknesses: Can over talk, extremely cocky, not good in open combat, likes to gamble, and very suspicious of others

Bio/Background: Albert is an ancestor of Aaron "Bugsy" Willams. He is on Bugsy's mother side.

At a young age of ten, Albert was separated from his parents. Since no one was willing to help Albert find his parents, he was force to live on the street.

Albert was able to survive by stealing from local stores. He actually was quiet good at it. He slowly built a name for himself as the Demon Thief. This name comes from the few store owners that have actually spotted him. Since he steals mostly at night his eyes appeared black, which made him look like he was possessed. He uses this to scare people off now.

After about four years of living on the street he decided he wanted to actually try to earn some money. He had heard stories of men of being hired to do things like steal, ease drop, and assassinate men. He also heard that these men listened to no one but themselves. This sparked the fire inside Albert to become a mercenary.

Since he is not the strongest fighter, he often takes stealth jobs, in which most are stealing and ease dropping. These jobs do not pay as much as Albert would like, but it gives him food money, a little spending money which often is spent gambling, and the excitement of adventure.

A few months later, Albert took a job to ease drop on a ship. He made a small mistake and ended up getting stuck on the ship. It was a short trip. He did not like being stuck hidden, but he did enjoy the feel of the ship. Every now and then he puts money away to get a ship.

After about a year, Albert decided to take an assassinate job. He was suppose to kill a fur shop owner. Albert did not ask questions he just wanted the extra pay. The job almost went south when the owner spotted him. The owner ended up slashing Albert right below his eye. Albert was able to grab an arrow that the owner had with his bow and stab the owner. Since that day he has carried the bow with him as a reminder.

As of now Albert wondered around trying find a better life. He has almost enough money to buy a ship, but he does not have the knowledge to captain one.

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PostSubject: Re: Albert J. "Demon Thief" Cox   Mon Apr 06, 2015 4:50 pm

Very good, but please check your spelling.


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Albert J. "Demon Thief" Cox
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