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 Atop A Great City

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PostSubject: Atop A Great City   Tue Mar 31, 2015 11:26 am

Hykeem stood above one of the fourth largest city in america New York City. He had followed his old friend all the way from California clear across the country and now he stood balanced on the tip of the Empire State building. He stood calmly scanning the city with his mastered Eagle Vision. He stood looking until he had a clear view of the Assassin Bureau he was meant to meet a unknown Assassin with a lead on Clovis. Hykeem hadn't had a good lead on Clovis in along time but by the sounds of what his contact had told him this guy knew exactly where Clovis was.

After taking in a little more of the beautiful city Hykeem shot a grappling rope from his hook blade attaching it to the side of the building. He then jumped down from the building one hand off the rope as he fell. He let himself fall until he couldn't anymore. The rope had fully expanded leaving Hykeem  dangling in the air but he had a fix for that. He stuck his hook blade into the side of the building piercing through the glass before pressing the button releasing the ropes allowing him to slide down the side of the building.

He quickly slid to the ground and ran towards a dark ally removing his hood before walking to the other end and into the light of the city. Blending himself into a large crowd of everyday people he made his way towards the Bureau building. He walked slowly observing the steps and walking patterns of the other people in the crowd which allowed his to synchronize his steps with theirs. Hykeem was able to stay with the crowd until he reached the front of his destination. He slipped in between two people and quickly looked around making sure no one was watching before sliding through the door to be meet by two guards.

"what business do you have here?"

The first guard seemed calm when he asked the question but the other looked bloodthirsty like he hoped Hykeem wasn't supposed to be there. Like he kill a man and drink the bland blood from his head.

"I'm here to meet with a man called Snake. He's said to have some documents that will help me on my mission."

As Hykeem spoke an man he hadn't seen coming in came from behind him and threw a punch toward his head. Hykeem who saw the attack coming through the eyes of one of the guard ducked the punch countering it with a punch to the man's stomach. The man wasn't done there though. Hykeem went to knee the man in the face after he bent of holding his stomach but the man did a quick leg sweep knocking Hykeem onto the ground. Hykeem's head smack against the ground before he jumped back up onto his feet. The man he was fighting was evenly matched with him and Hykeem hadn't meet an opponent like that since Clovis.

"Who are you?"

Hykeem wasn't only confused on who this man was but also why he was attacking him. Hykeem had only been talking with the others before the man had came in. It seemed as if something Hykeem said had provoked the man into attacking him.

"You're the Snake aren't you?"

The man being the snake was the only conclusion the man could draw from what had happened.

"Whos asking"

"Im the Hex i was told to meet the Snake here. You're him aren't you?

"I know who you are. I was seeing if the rumors were true. If you were really a living legend. From what i can tell you know when to hold back and when you have to give all you've got."

The man was right Hykeem had held back on him just a little but the man was still much of a challenge.

"Give credit where its due. Your a worthy opponent also. Maybe we can do this again one day but for now I really need to know everything you have about Clovis."
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Atop A Great City
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